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filter: September 2011  

30 Days of Anime - Week 2

29 SEP

It's been another week, and another random selection of favorites in the facebook album I started. Day 8 - Most epic scene ever - Sacrifice of the Ta... read more

Little Lotus (an odd poem)

28 SEP

Not sure what dark corner of my brain this crawled out of, but I partially blame Hell Girl. This was written in about 10 minutes, so it's a little rou... read more

My week in Anime (Sept. 19, 2011)

26 SEP

The anime I finished last week and my general opinions (now equipped with spoilers, reader be warned) Full Metal Panic! (7.5/10) This series was a p... read more

30 Days of Anime - Week 1

22 SEP

I started this "30 Days of Anime" by stealing the idea from a friend on Facebook (and he probably stole it from someone else). Every day, I ... read more