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My week in Anime (Sept. 19, 2011)

26 SEP

The anime I finished last week and my general opinions (now equipped with spoilers, reader be warned)

Full Metal Panic! (7.5/10)

This series was a pretty interesting mixture of school life and mecha. Sousuke Sagara's inability to separate the military from any aspect of his life was humerous, but often came off as campy (like having a hole cut out of a newspaper to watch Kaname). Tessa was by far my favorite character, with her quiet demeanor harboring a tremendous heart and bravery. The final fight scene was interesting, with Kaname syncing with Dana (the ship). However, the last scene was underwhelming as they sat on a rock and fished. (I'm thinking this is why Kyoto took over the subsequent sequels)

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: 2nd gig (8.5/10)

I'd been watching this series on and off for a month, and finally finished it. I'd already seen Individiual Eleven (which is basically taking all of the main episodes and smashing them together in a movie, similar to Laughing Man). Mokoto (the Major) will always be one of my favorite characters for her rather commanding lead of the show. I felt the new minister was a little weak, but she proved herself towards the end of the series. The dynamic (and backstory) between the Major and Hideo Kuze was intriguing. Even knowing the outcome of the final episode, I still felt a little sad over te Tachikomas' sacrifice. Also, the episode about the two children made me take up folding paper cranes... they're starting to cover my desk... o.o Another random observation, was Proto a knock-off of Data from Star Trek?

Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society (8/10)

This was one wild ride. First off, the Major is AWOL, and apparently has been for 9 months. It takes place after the timeline of 2nd gig, so I'm assuming her disappearance may have something to do with the death of Kuze. Saito is apparently in Africa for most of the movie, leaving a rather depleted team (as Bato is in full-on mope mode). As for the A.I.s, the Tachikomas are replaced with Uchikomas, and Bato takes up most of his time trying to get them to have personalities. As for the actual action of the movie, there's a string of suicides, kidnappings, decrepid old people, and the Major is somehow hip-deep in all of this. The ending was... well, it was a Ghost in the Shell ending. (aka the Major is put on life or death situation and manages to discover the truth about everything)

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (7/10)

I watched this out of a need for a slice-of-life anime for the "30 days of anime" that didn't include the phrase "a ghibli film". I can't really compare this anime to anything I've seen before (possibly because I tend to shy away from anything involving high school girls after the School Days incident). The girls were all a bunch of crazy high schoolers with their own personality quirk. My favorite part was everytime Nozomu went to open something, Kiri would be there, sitting in her blanket. Between his own personal stalker and the constant attempts from the girls to get his attention, Pink Supervisor had a pretty bizarre classroom experience. That, and just about everything set off the "ZETSUBOU SHITA!" response. Oh, and the ending song, "Zessei Bijin" was awesome.


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