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30 Days of Anime - Week 1

22 SEP

I started this "30 Days of Anime" by stealing the idea from a friend on Facebook (and he probably stole it from someone else). Every day, I will post a picture on my facebook wall corresponding with a list of objectives. I've been doing this for... 4 days now, and am beginning to see why my friend quit so early in the game. The first week is listed below with a small blurb for each day.

Day 1 - First Anime - Speed Racer

I watched this on Cartoon Network (when it was still a decent channel and still similar to Boomarang). I was 4. I don't remember much beyond the hilarious dubbing and a slight memory of the theme song. I remember a couple years back, they made a live action version, and I've avoided seeing it for fear of ruining my childhood.

Day 2 - Favorite Anime thus Far - Mushi-shi

This one was a bit difficult. After scanning over the 100+ anime I've watched, I came to the conclusion that while many of them were awesome, I had issues with some small thing in all of them. Except Mushi-shi. The art was beautiful, the concept was magical, and the character dynamics were pretty interesting. It had a slow pace and was episodic, but those simply helped bring a fuller life to the anime.

Day 3 - Anime crush - Kiba (Wolf's Rain)

Not entirely why I picked Kiba, but considering he's the ID photo for my fiance on my phone, I must have connected to him somehow... I think it's a mixture of his bishie human appearance, the "I really want a wolf" mentality I've had since reading "White Fang", and his determination. 

Day 4 - Ashamed you Enjoyed - Sekirei

I usually loathe ecchi anime, but Sekirei was actually pretty awesome. I think it was how the characters, despite being the stereotypical harem archetypes, held their own. And Kusano kind of saved it from beind a boobfest. (Okay, there is no redeeming this anime, but I liked it)

Day 5 -  Anime Twin - Ami (Sailor Moon)

While I don't have blue hair and magical girl powers, I am a study-first, be social-later kind of gal. As a kid, I always had my nose in a book and usually, those books were scientific in nature.

Day 6 - Most annoying character - Nena (Agent Aika)

Ok, this was a toss up between Orihime and her constant "Ichigo!"'s and Nena and her brother complex and bitchy attitude. Nena won out by failing completely and being a spoiled brat the entire time she was on screen. Despite being a sadistic wench for most of the anime, she has no ability to back it up. Hell, I think the Delma's did a better job than she did.

Day 7 - Favorite couple - Isaac and Miria (Baccano!)

I liked these two. For one, Isaac was ridiculous, but Miria followed him regardless of his hairbrained schemes. (I think she even suggested a few of those hairbrained schemes) The comic relief of these two was amusing, even if they seemed out of place in the rather dark setting of Baccano.

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