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Hi there. 

First, I should probably admit that I've been the stray cat of the anime forums. When I'm here, I'm posting a lot and hanging with everyone. And then, I up and vanish for months at a time. Hopefully, now that life has settled down, I'll be a bit more consistent!

Hamletsmage: A Brief History

I was introduced to anime as many Americans were introduced to anime in the mid-90s, through Sailor Moon. I actually copied the art style for a long time, until I turned my attention to science and gave up drawing. However, I didn't pursue anime after Sailor Moon because like many Americans, I hadn't heard the term. It wasn't until my sophomore year of high school that a friend introduced me to Inuyasha and Fullmetal Alchemist and a bunch of other shows. Between Adult Swim and the Internet, I developed a love of anime and manga. 

About My Anime List:

I rate on an arbitrary scale, depending on how I feel at the current moment, so ratings are liable to change on any given day. While I may stall things, this is usually because of school or work related issues rather than me not liking the anime. It is rare that I drop an anime (at this point, it's never happened) as I try to finish anything I start. I will watch just about anything, although I tend to go for shorter stuff since I can binge it in a day or two. And now, some stats!

Anime #300: Bleach Memories of Nobody

Anime #400: Jin: Lost Time Memory

Anime #500: Absolute Duo

Anime #600: Ojii-san no Lamp

Anime #700: Maiden Rose (thanks Thrawn)

Anime #800: Re:ZERO -Starting Life in a New World-

Anime #900:

About My Manga List

I once had a summer where I read nothing but short manga. One shots, 1-4 volume stuff, of every variety. And then, I burned out on manga and didn't touch it for the longest time. In 2016, I joined the Daily Manga Marathon Club and got reintroduced to the media, so, my manga list will grow again. As long as the sappy shoujo doesn't kill me first. (And I will finish Bleach eventually... when I'm bored)

Manga #150: Crimson Shell

Manga #200: Watashitachi no Shiawase no Jikan

Manga #250: 

About my contributions:

You may notice I've also done quite a few reccomendations. I'm currently working on building up my review count, as well. I'm also attempting to make comprehensive lists on how to get the studio badges. Because... I like badges.  

Any Other Questions:

Post a comment on my wall or find me in the forums.

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GlitchFox Jan 20, 2017

Thanks ^^ & you are welcome :3

XxZeroeZxX Jan 17, 2017

Aww that's ok sempai, its good to see u :)

Oh no poor sempai, I hope u get better soon *hug* :(

I concur lol

I actually just finished up ep 2 of Demi-chan, I guess its cute and harmless enough ^_^. Reminds me a bit of GATE actually, not sure if I mentioned that in my previous comment lol.

While overall the quality of anime this season is absolutely horrendous, like might be the worst I've seen, I do think the few shows I am following r rather pleasant :)

They should probably stick to flipping burgers at McDonalds and stay as far away f/ the animation studio as possible haha

It's ok, sempai's a big girl u can handle it :)

And honestly, in this type of season, I don't mind having something w/ a little shock value haha

Not to say its just shock value and no substance, I think they set a pretty solid tone so far, granted it was just the 1st ep

So I also watched the 2nd ep of Onihei, I think it'll be a solid episodic series :). Think of it as a much more simplistic Mushishi mixed w/ like House of Five Leaves haha

XxZeroeZxX Jan 12, 2017

Hehehe that's great sempai ^_^

So sorry for the delay *hug* :(

And yes I hav been watching quite a few of the new anime :D

There's some really really bad anime this season o_o

Hav u seen Hand Shakers? *shivers*

It literally hurt my eyes haha

But there's been some things I like too :)

Like the new season of Rakugo obviously :D

And Little Witch Academia was nice, which was good to see cause I didn't really like the 2nd movie, but the 1st one was awesome ^_^

And and, today I watched Scum's Wish o_o

If u haven't seen it, well umm... Let's just say, I expect it to be the most talked about original series this season :)

Let's just say its a bit umm, controversial ^_^

U must see it O_O

Well, the national championship game was amazing! :D

I hope u didn't miss it sempai :(

So what else has been going on w/ u lately? ^_^

duchessliz Jan 4, 2017

Thanks! It took an hour or so to find all the gifs I wanted, but it was totally worth it! ;D

XxZeroeZxX Jan 2, 2017

New Years Eve was pretty chill, New Years Day was a bit more on the boring side I'm afraid lol. Oh well, at least I had off today, and I thoroughly took advantage of the fact :D

Yes its true, u see a lot of foreigners in the engineers schools across the US and ur right that most of them in my experience seem intentioned to head back home which is quite interesting. But w/ people like Trump around, I guess I can see why they don't wanna stick around haha

Awww, that's adorable sempai! <3

U r clearly the best kind of sempai ^_^

So caring and nuturing *hug* :)

Also both the big fooball games today hav been a mess, is it too much to ask for a good game of football before I hav to go back to work -_-

...that was a nice TD right there though o_o

(literally as I was typing haha)