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Well, I've been watching anime for over a decade now. I remember when the only way to get anime was fansubs, and not downloaded fansubs. But to send off for fansub vhs tapes, with crappy video quality and with translations which would make tokyo pop or forkids blush. Hit me up with any questions you got about any series and I'll be happy to answer what i can remember, just for the love of god don't ask me to write reviews or recommendations. For instance, I don't think anyone wants to see my 10,000 word essay on Cowboy Beebop, which included the "F" word over 9,000 times, and the words "horrible crap". Really, how can an show which so effortlessly exude cool, suck so badly!! And my recommendation and reviews would just go down from there.

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sothis Nov 7, 2007

...weird, it should be working fine o_o. The next time you run across an error, can you tell me exactly what happened? Exactly which title you clicked, if you had done a status previously (or if the status was already marked on the page from a previous setting of it), and what star rating you tried?

sothis Nov 7, 2007

Err, what's an alternate solution? Bulk rating all the series in the list? That doesn't seem too accurate ;)

sothis Nov 4, 2007

TBH, I thought Bebop was incredibly overrated, myself.

Regardless, if you can keep them to a short paragraph, since you've seen so much I really would love if you could make some recommendations. The AniRec is used heavily by newcomers to anime who need ideas, and it's up to people like you and me to give them those recs. ^_^ Especially for the more rare series that don't have many, if any, recommendations.

If you are concerned about brevity or anything else, I could proofread your first attempt at a rec and give feedback? Regardless, I hope you come on board with them eventually! ^_^

JumpMaster13 Oct 30, 2007

Sorry, I've been meaning to comment back for days, but I've been super busy.

Your argument is certainly interesting, though (as you might guess) I don't entirely agree. I'll get beck with my counter-argument in the next little while. ;)

Welcome to the site. It's good to have intellectually stimulating discussion. 

1010rikku Oct 23, 2007

MORE THAN 4 MONTH ON ANIME!!! OMG! *bows to otaku royalty*

please share some of your extended anime knowledge with your humble peasant oh mighty one!!