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yugioh is  show that I recommened only to those how are fans of yugioh like me or have atleast play the card game or you are going to hate it for not understading what the fuck is going on cause the show is heavily base on it.

The plot is about a kid named yugi how his grandpa gave him an ancient puzzle that they said was imposible to build called the millanium puzzle, but to every ones surpise he was able to build it and by doing so he unlock the spirit that rested on the puzzle that does't remember how he and what conection he has to the card game know as duel monters. So yugi with the help of his friend set on a quest to help the spirit unlock the mysteries of his past by playing a card game. This may sound really absord but it work really well on telling the story the only thing that kills it is that they have alot of seasons that really take you away form the may show and that the show would have be better if this seasons wern't present like the noahs art, awaking the dragon, and world championship i think that those just made the show longer to just promote card that they never will be made and made the show really slow.

the animation really isn't the best but is not bad for 2000 stadards so it really visualy enjoyable to watch.

this show lack good music so it fail in that deparment but the voices are really good for both the english but the english is censored and it even deleted complete scence so i recomment the japanese if you want a more mature show if not stick to the english.

Two of  heroes of the show are really good to watch and more kaiba and joey those guys steal the show, but I can't say the same for yugi or the spirit. the supporting cast suck balls with the exeption of the villans and Mai joeys love interst.

the show is good but i only recoment it to the fan of the game not to those how haven't play the game.

6/10 story
8/10 animation
5/10 sound
5/10 characters
7/10 overall
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