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Angel Beats!

Sep 12, 2012

angel beats! is probably one of my favoarite anime for alot of good reason. It has action, romance, comedy, great characters, and a kick ass soundtrack to go with it but with this things aside I still hate the is to short to fully enjoy it.

The story goes that one day a highschool student wake up and sees a girl with a sniper rifle telling him the he is death and the if he wants to join her club that fight agains a girl that they called angel the might be a real angel working for god. He think the this girl is crazy and goes after the other girl that tell him that she is not an angel but that he is actually death. he think this is a joke and tell this girl to prove that his death so the girl stabs him with a sword. late that day he wakes up in the nurse room and remeber what happen but has no injury in his body but his close is all full of blood which tales him the he can't die because he is already death. The story is a really good concept but wasn't able to be told to it's fullest because of how short it is but it still pretty good.

the animation is really good and extremely well detail from the senerio to the characters.

the sountrack just kick so much ass that the people that were involved with the soundtrack got together and gave concerts for it and one of the became big because of it. also the characters voice are really good in both the english and japanese but slitly better in japanese  but both recomended.

all the characters are amazing but because it's to short you can't enjoy this characters to the full it and most aren't needed at all because how minor their apperance was in the show only  making you wish for more development with this characterbut because it's to short you just don't get it. but the are still they are great characters.

I enjoy angel beats! alot i know the it's a great anime but to short for me to give it a perfect score but got close enough with a overall score of 9.8.

8/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.8/10 overall
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