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Ah...It seems you've stumbled upon my profile, a place that you can do but one thing...focus your eyes downwards a bit to see the rest of what I wrote. Hint: It may tell you something about me.

Love to play/write music, I'm a Socio-politcal activist, participate in the Martial arts (Hapkido & Judo), Read, Study languages. I often enjoy passing the time by bashing on the MTV/VH1/Suburban Gangsta culture and the mainstream media while contemplating the general dumbing down of my country that they cause, and...well...watching anime is fun too.

If you ask nicely I may even make a custom sig for you if you have a specific request...

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October 29, 2007

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May 10, 2008

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wolfangel87 avatar wolfangel87


Jul 13, 2009

Haven't heard from you in a while!!! How have you been?

sothis avatar sothis


Nov 14, 2007

Hey hey! You might be interested in knowing that Yoruichi just posted some Hell Girl sigs here (the red ones are preeetty).. so in case you want to replace y our sig with a non stretched image, there you go! :D

sothis avatar sothis


Nov 6, 2007

Hey hey, just wanted to point out that your Color 1 (the URL) in your signature seems to be black, so it's not showing your username! :D Have you considered changing it to a lighter color?

cazzarius avatar cazzarius


Nov 1, 2007

May I recommend Midori no Hibi and Moyashimon. Just started Moyachimon and so far, I am totally into it. Very educational.

Just spreading seeds. :) 

wolfangel87 avatar wolfangel87


Oct 31, 2007

I saw you on the forums and just wanted to say welcome!  I really like your sig by the way!

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