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My name is Gustav and I live in Sweden. I'm currently in school, studying to become a chef. I've been watching anime on and off for more than five years now. I've been trying to study japanese for a while now, so at the moment I'm trying to find animes with relatively simple language to watch raw for studying purposes. (if you know a good one, please let me know)

EDIT: I wrote that a while ago, and since then i've gotten a bit better... I'm still looking for animes, just not only simple ones. Well... lets just say I'm currently watching most of my animes raw.

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alexander Jul 24, 2008

Dunno how far you got since writing the bio. To pick up language you want people talking slooowly and without convoluted politeness. So basically little girls instead of dignified men. Just take care not to end up sounding like a pansy.

My memory is bad, but easy stuff I recently watched is Princess Tutu and the Nodame dorama. We do seem to have different tastes though ^^;

sothis Oct 31, 2007

Mushishi is indeed awesome (your avatar). A super delayed welcome to the site! I'm glad you are trying out the new features like the sigs, those took foreeever to code.

And fill out your bio sometime! ttys ^_^ hehe

~sothis, webmistress