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12 OCT

What I expected: I'll be honest...not much! There is a lot of hype sourounding the Fate/Whatever franchese. And I do not trust hype! 90% of times otaku hype a show, it turns out failservice! Conserning Fate/Zero... I haven't read the novel or played/watched Fate/stay night, so I'm totaly new to the show. The only thing I know about it's predecesor is that suposedly, the word GAR is a meme from that show. Aparently this Archer guy makes guys go gay over his menlines! I can live with that. What I can live without though, is a god damn harem set-up! Yes, Fate/stay night, I'm talking about you!

What I got: This one has potential! The main cast are largly addults, with plausable motivation. The setting is dark

The first episode upset some people, but as a novice to the story, I appriciated the info dump!


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