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Code Geass: Akito the Exiled


Yes, it is you baby! My new official 2-D heartthrob!

What I expected: We're talking about the Code Geass franchise here, so obviously I expect great things. Sure, the original series turned into something of a train wreck in the second half, as it puled one redicilous plot twist after another. But it was one hell of an entertaining ride. That's why I was stoked for Guilty Crown when it was anounced (as both shows had the same writer). Ended up really dislikeing that cloisterfuck. It had the same insane plot twists as Code Geass, but due to the horrible main cast (mr. whiny and his dutch wife), I only came to appriciate the awesomeness of a badass lead like Lelu. Here's my main concern for Akito. He can't be a Lelu nr.2, but he better be carismatic enough to not weight down the show.

What I got: Oh my god, I forgot how xenophobic the makers of Code Geass were. Everyone and their old granny hates Elevens! (Hey buddy, wanna hop in my car? WTF you're an II. Get in the back fucker. Just remember, it's not a toilet, stinker!) Idn, for some odd reason I expected the Europeans and Japanes to join forces and fight the Brittanians, but alas.... Wasn't the old world supposed to be totaly devistated by the Brittanians, with just a small groups of ressistance fighters left to oppose the onslought. I kind of got that impression from the original series. But it would seem EU is doing jolly fine, keeping some kind of status quo with the Empire. Using Elevens with serious mental helt issues to do the dirty work. And what a wonderful bunch of crazys it is! Delicious!

Storywise nothing much happened as this episode merly served for cast and setting introduction. Next episode looks interesting, as we'll get the first original cast cameos! But serious now...we have to wait 6 months for ep 2?! 

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