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21 MAY

Inuyasha is the type of Anime I think anyone can watch, it has fighting, comedy, romance and it all comes into one great story.

The story its self is I think unique to others out there; The start of the story takes place in feudal Japan with Inuyasha who is a half-demon who is trying to find the Sacred Jewel of Four Souls so he can turn himself into a full demon is escaping the village with it but then a priests named Kikyo shoots him with a sacred arrow, sealing him onto the sacred tree Goshinboku in the nearby forest but both of them showing extreme emotion before the scene ends, it then shows Kikyo being cremated with her taking the jewel with her.

Then the story shifts to modern Tokyo, where a junior high school girl named Kagome lives on the grounds of her family's hereditary Shinto shrine. When she goes into the well house to retrieve her cat, Buyo, a centipede demon bursts out of the enshrined Bone Eater's Well and pulls her through it. Kagome emerges into feudal Japan, once there she is told that she is the re-incarnation of Kikyo and finds out the reason why she was attached is due to her having the sacred jewel imbedded into her body, once it is removed she needs to release Inuyasha from his bounds to save her life. This continues for a while until she accidently breaks the jewels into tiny shards that get sent all across the land in which the main story then starts with the Journey to collect the shards and restore the jewel.


The only bad thing I have to say about this is that at the end of it the story does not end well at least for this Anime, it does however conclude with the final installment called

InuYasha: The Final Act

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overall score: 10/10

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  • Story 10/10
  • Animation 10/10
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  • Characters 10/10
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