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Top 3 Anime opening songs

28 DEC

hello everyone who is reading this welcome to my second blog introducing you to my top 3 list of my top 3 anime intro songs
number 3 : number 3 is Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Opening, the reasons behind it is the fact that it sits well with the series and it had even made me emotionaly attached to the series as well as its awesome beats just made me sit there listening to it over and over again

Number 2 : number 2 is the Spice And Wolf Opening 1, i have put this one as my number 2 because the i love the heavy beat and feel that this anime gives out that i find many songs these day are lacking

Number 1 : Number one is of cause the Angel Beats Opening, What can i say other then the awesomeness from this song just flows through me and makes you feel like your in the world and you can relate to it and from that it has definitely earned itself onto my list as number 1

again this is only my personal opinion so if you disagree do so but don't hate just because you disagree because as i have said this that this is just my personal opinion and thank you for taking the time to read it

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