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-Anime Information-

I'm still new to anime as I have only been into anime since 2006 excluding A very small handful of animes I watch all anime in Japanese. I find myself enjoying school girl anime for the most part but have been expanding my taste to include new stuff bit by bit.

Stalled = This means I have started watching other animes or needs the DVDs to finish the series.

Dropped = Too long of series and I simply had enough and or simply lost interest of what was going on in the series.

Won't Watch =  Animes that are popular among many people that I simply have no interest in watching.

Recommendations = Anything that got a 3.5 or higher on my list.

-Personal Information-

Favorite Music:

Christian-J Pop-J Rock-J Hip Hop-Pop-Rock(Classical or Modern)-Bluegrass(only at a farm enviroment)-Old Rap-Hip Hop-Classical-Opera(few songs)-Soundtracks(John williams my fav)-Jazz-Country-Comedy-Minstrel-R&B-Broadway Musicals-Swing-Some Techno

Favorite TV Shows:

Star Trek-Dog The Bounty Hunter-Two And A Half Men-Overhaulin-Buffy-Life Goes On-Roseanne-Step by Step-Cops-Cribs-The Red Green Show-Knight Rider-Munsters-Family Ties-Family Matters-Home Improvement-MXC-Macgiver-Trading Spaces-Clean Sweep-Sea Quest DSV-Reading Rainbow-Boy Meets World-Lassie-Bob Ross-Get Smart-Sliders-Dragnet-Bob Villa-G4-Miami Vice-Star Gate SG1-Mork and Mindy-Alf-Mr Ed-The Cosby Show-Doogie Houser MD-Quantum Leap-Full House Tiger Sharks-The Chickmunks-Transformers-Snorks-Gobots-Tom and Jerry-Smurfs-TMNT-The Gummi Bears-Popeye-Jetsons-Fraggle Rock-Pink Pnther-Heman-Ghostbuster-Ducktales-David The Gnome-Darkwing Duck-Gargoyles-Tale Spin-Voltron-Flinstones-Captain N-Gumbi and Friends-Noozles-GI Joes-Lil Bits-Sesame Street-Yogi Bear-Rainbow Brite-Care Bears-Garfield-Doug(not disneys version)-Snoopy-Captain Planet-Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers-Wuzzles-Muppets-Frosty/Rudolph-Animated Grinch that Christmas-Ren and Stimpy-Simpsons-Family Guy-Inspector Gaget-Looney Toons-Scooby Doo

Favorite Movies:

Some of my favorite Movies Include-Aladdin-Back to the future-A beauitiful mind-Conan-Elf-Fast and the furious-Finding forrester-Greatest game ever played-Ice princess-Italian Job-Knight's Tale-Legend of bagger vance-Legend of zorro-Matrix films-Mission impossible films-Muppet films-Oceans 11(starring george clooney)-The polar express-Raise you voice-The sandlot-Space balls-& Robin hood men in tights-Wesley snipes films-Star trek films-Star wars films-Hayao anime films-TMNT films-Mandy moore films-Wallace and gromit-Will smith films-Disney films-Marvel films-Dreamworks animated films

Favorite Quotations:

-Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son

-Empire had the better ending. I mean, Luke gets his hand cut off, finds out Vader's his father, Han gets frozen and taken away by Boba Fett. It ends on such a down note. I mean, that's what life is, a series of down endings. All Jedi had was a bunch of Muppets

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total anime ratings: 74

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default avatar Rollthestampede2


Dec 4, 2009

Dude won't watch Cowboy Bebop and Deathnote. Whats the deal those are awesome!

HikaruTenshi avatar HikaruTenshi

You Rock!

Oct 30, 2009

You are very welcome. ^_^


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