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Kyou Kara Ore wa!!

25 FEB

Just 5 minutes ago I finished this manga, and right now I'm feeling really sad, but still I'm going to try and write a review about it because it just deserves to be read by more people.

The story centers around itou and mitsuashi, they both move to a new school and decide to become deliquents. By a strange coincidence they become friends and quickly become the heads of their school. However as not everyone agrees with them being the head of the school and they have a lot of hurdles to overcome. The story follows a certain pattern which might be boring for some people, it starts with a new badass character showing up, and ends with mitsuashi or itou beating this character up. However the story between these two points is different everytime and it never really loses its charming value.

When I first started reading I nearly dropped the manga because of the art, I had gotten used to a better artwork and not this sloppy artwork where half of the time they draw a simplified form of the characters in the manga. That all changed after the first few chapters, the story reall made me want to read further and further, especcially mitsuashi was supercool. I mean who doesn't want to read about a badass character that is a deliquent and only cares about himself(that is what he wants you to believe). I think my neighbours must have had some problems with me laughing in the middle of the night because i didn't realize it became this late while reading the manga. The manga has plenty of funny moments and the simplified form of the characters only made it more hilarious.

So about the characters, lets first start with itou............ well honestly I dont have much to say about him. He is the kind of I have to do the right thing type of person and not really interesting. I am not saying he has no added value, because without him the manga would not have been as good as it is, but it is not really worth talking much about. Then the other main character is mitsuashi, now he is worth talking about. he is the kind of person who only seems to care about himself but deep down is a good guy. The most hilarious moments appear in the manga where mitsuashi became druk and attacks everyone that touches him, or when money is involved(his weak point). Also his bad habit of suddenly hitting people he just doesnt like is very funny. To be honest, mitsuashi is the strongest point of this manga, without him I probably wouldnt even have reached the 10th chapter. I'm not going to spoil anything else, but I just have to say that he alone is enough to make this manga worth reading.

Some people may ask themselves, is the art or the story really worth a 10, to be honest it was not. So why did I rate it all a 10. Because of the simple fact that I enjoyed reading the manga, I rated with my feelings and not my brain.

All the best,


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