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Liar Game


Liar game is all about a game wich is obviously called liar game. In the game they will lend everyone a huge som of money (usually 100 million yen but in one case even 400 million yen) and at the end of the game they have to pay that back. While some people makes loads of money, others get an enormous debt.

The games,at first glance,look totally boring. But the writer makes a boring game like musical chairs into an interesting occurance. The story centers about kanzaki nao. A really honest girl. Together with akiyama they participate in the liar game. While in the liar game they have to face off against other masterminds.


I can´t really compare this manga to others because it´s the third or fourth manga I read. Before I was more into anime and I have to say I would love them them to make an anime about it. Even though nothin much happens, there is a lot of tension and at the moment you are sure you´ve figured out what they plan to do, it shows to be something a lot more fascinating. ( to be honest, I always start wondering what plan they have but I didn´t guess right even once, it seems Im not suited to become a mastermind because I couldnt even figure out the trick behind the most simple games)

I would recommand this manga to you, if you like high stakes games where masterminds face each other to be the ultimate winner of the liar game.




10/10 story
9/10 art
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall

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