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Kiss Wood

Hi you all,

I just finished reading kiss wood in one go and i wan´t to share some of my opninions about it with you. First of all if you really like trees or you just like a fresh world with lots of colors and a good but weird story than this is definitely something you should read. It is about a man who loves trees in a world where there are nearly no trees left. He has a house full of trees and plants which he cares for deeply. Then one day a fire starts and he´s lost in a coma while his mind is spirited away to another world called the hill. From then a beautifull story starts.

I have to say that the story may be quite confusing for some of you because there was times where I did not eally follow the story. I would say that the story is not that different from some of the other manga out there. Someone gets spirited away to another world and wants to go home. What really sets this manga out from the rest is the colorfull and fresh world he lands in. It is just beautifull to look at. There is little action involved but the story stay´s interesting and you will not be able to stop reading once you start. Altogether I would really recommend this to read if you have an evening off, but beware that you will give up some of your sleeping time to finish the story in one go. 


8/10 story
10/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall

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