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Checklist One piece

27 JUN

Well since I totally love one piece and im completely addicted to it, I decided to make a checklist of things I want (the) one piece (characters) to reach.

This checklist is made at the moment I´ve already seen 504 one piece episodes and 70 manga chapters so all goals will be after this (so some goals may have been reached already but not for me, if you understand). I will try to constantly add new things if I think of something.

Some goals will be reached while others will always stay a dream.

At the moment I start this blog im 18 years old.



Luffy kisses boa hancock

Zorro finally finds his way without getting lost.

luffy learns to fully control his haki.

Brook makes his 100th skull joke(im not gonna count them so this will be a wild guess)

The mugiwara crew exist of luffy and his 10 nakama(11 total)

Luffy finds one piece

One piece is actually a mirror, when luffy looks in the mirror he sees himself and his 10 nakama and he will understand what the greatest treasure in the world is.

Blackbeard gets his ass kicked by luffy.

Sabo is still alive after all.

Sabo became the leader of the world government.

usopps stops with his lies

Sogeking reveals himself (;) I think everyone knows who he is but luffy doesn´t atm)

Sogeking gets a new song ( I really hate that old one)

Buggy the clown will go on a journey and never come back so we wont have to look at his face again.

Nami doenst like money anymore. (unlikely to happen)

Luffy beat up akainu, aokiji, kizaru

Zorro wins from mihawk and becomes the best swordman in the world.

Luffy beats up magellan(that poisen bastard from impel down)

Franky upgrades himself and can now use beer as fuel.

Luffy gives his head back to shanks.

Luffy finds a tactican as new crewmate.

Luffy finds a ghost, which makes ghostjokes (;) kinda clone of brook but in spooky from)

A girl finally shows her pants to brook when he asks her.

luffy invents a fourth gear

I learn what the message is that luffy send to the others after the war in marineford.

Sanji defeats the okamas and wont become one of them (cuz I would hate it if he would)

luffy uses his haki after he learns to control it (added after episode 517, he really seems cool)



I went to japan to buy a lot of manga including one piece and much more.

I can read a volum in the japanese language and understand it. (atm Im learning japanese, its just self-study though so it will take some time)

I bought my first one piece voluma japanese language

I bought my 5th one piece volume japanese language

I bought my 10th one piece volume japanese language



One piece anime reaches 750 episodes

One piece anime reaches 1000 episodes

One piece manga reaches 750 chapters

One piece manga reaches 1000 chapters


I reached my 25th birthday and im still watching/reading one piece

I reached my 50th birthday and im still watching/reading one piece

I reached my 100th birtday and im still watching/reading one piece

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LuckyD avatar LuckyD
Jul 28, 2011

For the One Piece, if you're right and it's really a mirror, it will be a mirror that only people with the D can see the ''treasure''. And I develop my idea. Blackbeard find the One Piece before Luffy and he see himself and all the rest of the mirror are dark because he betrayed all the Nakama that he had, luffy beat him and the rest you writed it!

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