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  • 3000 episodes anime life story (4 years of anime)

3000 episodes anime life story (4 years of anime)

20 MAR

Hi guys/girls and whatever else will read this.

This is my anime life recap. I will write a part at a time.

I recently reached a goal of watching 3000 anime episodes and i thought it was worth to write down a sort of recap of my anime life. Not that anyone is going to be interested in it, but I thought it would be nice if i read this in a few year.

So to start off, my anime addiction/life all started with something that is not an anime (well not a japanese animation). That is avatar the last airbender. Before watching this I spend most of my time playing this ridiculously online mmorpgs that needs thousends of hours to become a bit good and where you spend tons of time farming and whatsoever. However then avatar the last airbender started on tv and i remember how this story just made me feel a cold chill in my spine even when it was 25 degrees outside. I watched it with so much fun, and I even remember recording it on the tv where it took more time to install the recording device (we had an old tv) and then transfer it to the pc as how long the episode was. Because of this I got totally hooked up in animated series.

After watching every episode of avatar like 3 times, my friend told me he was watching this japanese serie called bleach. Well I was quite bored so I thought it would noto hurt to give it a try. I thought that it would never be fun because it was in japanese. However after starting with the serie i found myself watching it everyday, every possible time. In a few weeks I watched the first 100 episodes and i was like, yes anime is totally something for me. After that i watched the first 200 and something episodes I catched up to the series, and i was like: what am I going to spend my time on. So i searched the internet and found naruto. At first I didnt like naruto because it was a different style as bleach. But after a while I began to like it even more as bleach because of the more childish part where he just doesnt give up and because of the world where naruto lives. After watching the naruto series and catching up with naruto shippuuden I found I needed more anime.

I forgot to mention that I made my account around 1 year earlier as that I catched up to naruto. At that time I was so stupid to think I could watch episodes on this site so I made an account and noticed that it was only for keeping track where you where. Since I only watched a few series it was not neccesairy for me to use this site so I left it and did not return to it until I catched up to naruto and needed more and more anime. So logged in again on this site and found some new aniimes. However most of them where short 12 or 24 episode anime's so I began searching for long series. That is where I found one piece. When looking at the recommendations I found one piece and the only reason I started watching it was because it had so many episodes. And lucky me that was the anime which would make me cry the most (yeah I often cry during an anime and yeah I am a boy), laught the most, and certainly enjoy the most. One piece made those few months of my life so fun. I dropped all homework (I know that was a bad thing to do, but hey it was one piece) and watched as much as I could. In a few months I catched up to one piece. 

After one piece my memory gets quite scrambled of what animes I watched and in which order because i watched loads of them that did not have much episodes. Somewhere in the years before I also found elfen lied because it was at the top of someone else's top 10 list and it sounded so dutch. This became one of my favorite animes because it was so sad and there was so much violence.

On a day somewhere in my life (can't remember which one) I also found the anime the world god onl knows which I watched in a few days, after starting the second season with which I quickly catched up(it was still airing at that day) and in the next few weeks my whole monday evening excisted of waiting for the world god only knows. I first watched the first minute on crunchyroll because that site was always first with uploading it. But non payers could only watch the first minute. Around 30 minutes later it was up at other sites such as gogoanime and I watched it there. Together with elfen lied and one piece, the world god only knows forms the list of most enjoyable animes.

Now in total more as 4 years have passed since I started watching anime and I still am a big fan and addicted to it. I've watched numerous animes and on a sunday in march 2012 I went to my first meet(non cosplay meet rotterdam) and met a lot of other anime lovers.

If there is someone who reached this sentence by reading the whole text, thank you for reading my anime life story. And I would love to know yours. 

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RyanGirl23 avatar RyanGirl23
Mar 20, 2012

Holy crap thats awesome!!!! Lol ~ :p

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