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Just your average office working programmer who loves anime, scifi, manga, video games, role-playing, board games, hiking, biking, camping, the gym and reading.

Contact me about any of the anime that i've seen and i'll be happy to chat. Always looking for new things to watch.

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wolfangel87 Nov 12, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

OneiChan Oct 2, 2007

Oh yes, if you like Mushishi, then you will like Haibane as well. I wrote a rec for them here. Click the 'click here to read why' on Haibane and my rec is the first one ^_^

OneiChan Oct 1, 2007

Nice sig, hehe! You can go to the forum and have a custom background made for it if you want. You can even take it to other forums if you want to show off your stats, or your top 5 or currently watching. They are basically great :p

Ive only seen one of your top 5 (cowboy bebop) but 12 kingdoms is something that I've wanted to watch for a while. Maybe I'll have to see if I can get ahold of it!

ac344 Sep 24, 2007

Hi grynigth79

i like the 12 kingdom,I going to finish watching 9 ipesode,the shool days are look pretty good, i will put that to my listthank u.