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Hi there!

I'm Grégory Detcheverry but everyone calls me GreG. I'm from the town of Miquelon (Saint-Pierre and Miquelon islands, France).

I've been watching anime ("seriously") since Spring 2010, a friend of mine gave me Naruto, I got hooked and that's the anime which started it all. I'm a sucker for shounen but anything that makes me laugh is an instant win... Although such anime's hard to find.

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Radaghast Jul 31, 2010

My review started with "this is a first impression review" not without a reason — I was really just feeling compelled to write down a couple of words literally seconds after watching the very first episode of the series we've all waited so long to watch. Of course, it's pretty subjective and some of the details I wouldn't write today after watching 40 eps, but that's why it was posted as a personal review (originally even as a blog post if I'm not mistaken).

RaizaSunozaki Mar 22, 2010

First of all, thanks for reading! It's just the ego talking, but I like it when I get responses to the stuff I write.

Eheh heh... I can't completely take that compliment from you. I'm the kind of guy who's thinks that if someone thinks Death Note is better than Higurashi, they've either never seen Higurashi or are incompentent fools. My rant was just why I think it's better. It's all opinionated, so someone could disagree with me and there was nothing I could do but disagree back. Lucky though, I seem to be persuasive, if I managed to convince you to give it a try. And yeah, Omurqi had a good point, which I responded to, but you came to the same comclusion in your response. The main reason I originally wrote this was because I wanted to get the people who wouldn't shut up about how good Death Note was to watch something else similar, and realize there's other good stuff-better stuff-out there.

My line about geniuses has to do with the writers of the two series'. In Death Note, all the main characters (Light, L, Near, Mello) are extremely intelligent, but it's mainly through reputation and creativity that we see their genius. It's easy to say someone is a genius, like how Light aces all tests he does, but that does not necessarily mean the author is as intelligent as his characters. Creativity is where I give points to Death Note's authors. The smaller things, such as how Light hid the Death Note in the early story, to the clever faking of Makoto's(?) death, to the larger things, such as the details of the Death Note to the Shinigami race. But creativity does not indicate intellectual genius.

In Higurashi (I'll avoid spoilers to the best of my ability), the author Ryuukishi manages to capture both the intellectual aspect and the creative aspect, making him, in my opinion, a true genius. The general main character of Higurashi can be considered an intellectual idiot. He's smart, but that isn't pushed as his main trait, like how Light is always described as a genius in his character bio. Instead, he comes off as... well, an idiot. Instead of using intelligent characters to boost the intellectual aspect of his story (which is what I felt happened with Death Note) Higurashi instead pushed you to think about what is happening, instead of just telling you. The design of the plot is what show the genius of the show, and ergo, the genius of the author. I can't really say much, since I promised to avoid spoilers, but if you watch it, hopefully you get what I'm trying to say.

Anyway, sorry about the mini-rant. This is why I didn't elaborate more on the line in the blog post... I would've been adding this much more onto that already-large rant.