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Hi there!

I'm Grégory Detcheverry but everyone calls me GreG. I'm from the town of Miquelon (Saint-Pierre and Miquelon islands, France).

I've been watching anime ("seriously") since Spring 2010, a friend of mine gave me Naruto, I got hooked and that's the anime which started it all. I'm a sucker for shounen but anything that makes me laugh is an instant win... Although such anime's hard to find.

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LinkSword May 2, 2011

Er, forget about the Gintama reference for now. ^^U I won't say anymore.

I suppose that not reading the manga first helped to your not feeling the war dragged out, but then again I think that you would have shat bricks if you had read the manga instead lol, since in comparison it's even way more dynamic and crazier. Anyways I'm really glad you enjoyed it, I followed that war in weekly chapters so it was hell every week as I was pumped up every damn day waiting for the next chapter! >_<

So you caught up in the middle of the flashback, heheh. It's a nice one with a few interesting things going on that relate to the overall plot.

LinkSword Apr 29, 2011

Dude, you're up-to-date now! How was the war? =)

LinkSword Dec 11, 2010

Hi! I thought we'd better move here to continue the conversation. Else they'll ban us for off-topic! =D

We could always compare each other. Have you watched Hetalia: Axis Powers or Baka To Test for example?

Yeah, both of them.

I enjoyed Baka to Test quite a bit. It had a nice sense of humour and a crazy setting that managed some good laughs on me. I did think it ended up a bit repetitive, but overall it was a nice comedy. I gave it a 3.5/5 and I'm looking forward to the second season and OVAs. ^^

As for Hetalia: Axis Powers... I guess it was a bit too cute-ish for me. I did like it, but only on a slight level. I remember laughing or giggling sometimes, but that was all. Anyways, since the episodes were so short and the story (''story''?) so episodic, I didn't get bored either. 3/5, and I might watch World Series once it finishes airing.

I guess my favorite kind of humor is something like Baka to Test, but MUCH more random, spastic and crazy (and yeah, with more variety in the jokes as well). Gintama pretty much fits the bill, but the primal examples of this are Gag Manga Biyori and Sexy Commando Gaiden. These shows are so hyperactive, random and hilarious, my ribs ache whenever I watch them.

Then there's stuff like Azumanga Daioh which I really liked, but this kind of anime is much more ''hit or miss'' in my case.

nasreen10 Aug 25, 2010

I made that comment because I think the person gave it a 10 on story when DBZ is great but not a 10.

nasreen10 Aug 25, 2010

Don't get me wrong, I love DBZ. I just think that DB was more logical but DBZ has a special place in my heart. It was one of my first introductions to anime and it was a way that helped me bond with my brother. I would still watch now but this time I can point out flaws. It's still entertaining and will continue to do so.