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Hi there!

I'm Grégory Detcheverry but everyone calls me GreG. I'm from the town of Miquelon (Saint-Pierre and Miquelon islands, France) but I hope to leave it soon, this place sucks. ^^'

Right now I'm planning on training to become a baker in the other island (Saint-Pierre). I worked at my sister-in-law's baker's shop for some time and I liked it. Apparently it's very easy to find a job as baker, even abroad and that's something I wish for.

I've been watching anime ("seriously") since Spring 2010, a friend of mine gave me Naruto, I got hooked and that's the anime which started it all. I'm a sucker for shounen but anything that makes me laugh is an instant win... Although such anime's hard to find (all hail Gintama!!).

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persona3nyx avatar persona3nyx


May 4, 2011

Haha true. :p

And yeah, I know exactly what you mean. After a while you felt you've seen a lot of the same things going on and you're looking for more or something new. Understandable lol.

And I have been watching anime since I was 2. No lie haha. All started when I was a kid and my dad rented the VHS series of Guyver Bioboosted Armor. Then I started watching Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z and it just took off from there. :) How about you?

LinkSword avatar LinkSword


May 4, 2011

I guess it's because I'm saying it from the perspective of someone who reads the manga, and thus I simply want to see what I've already read in an animated version that satisfies me - and for that I wouldn't mind it at all to wait for some months since I already know what happens anyways and it's not like the show will get stagnant for me since I can always follow the manga while waiting for the fillers to end. But yeah, when you only watch the anime I can see why the way of seeing this is different. =)

persona3nyx avatar persona3nyx


May 2, 2011

No problem haha. I saw you had pretty great taste in anime. So it's all good. ^-^

LinkSword avatar LinkSword


May 2, 2011

Sometimes I'd rather they would just go on an extended filler for a while and then do the arcs without spoiling them, heh. It depends on how you look at it I guess.

Don't worry, you'll soon see how it begins to connect quite a bit with things that have a relevance in the ''present''. Maybe as soon as episode 496, not sure how much they included in it.

LinkSword avatar LinkSword


May 2, 2011

Er, forget about the Gintama reference for now. ^^U I won't say anymore.

I suppose that not reading the manga first helped to your not feeling the war dragged out, but then again I think that you would have shat bricks if you had read the manga instead lol, since in comparison it's even way more dynamic and crazier. Anyways I'm really glad you enjoyed it, I followed that war in weekly chapters so it was hell every week as I was pumped up every damn day waiting for the next chapter! >_<

So you caught up in the middle of the flashback, heheh. It's a nice one with a few interesting things going on that relate to the overall plot.

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