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Hi there!

I'm Grégory Detcheverry but everyone calls me GreG. I'm from the town of Miquelon (Saint-Pierre and Miquelon islands, France) but I hope to leave it soon, this place sucks. ^^'

Right now I'm planning on training to become a baker in the other island (Saint-Pierre). I worked at my sister-in-law's baker's shop for some time and I liked it. Apparently it's very easy to find a job as baker, even abroad and that's something I wish for.

I've been watching anime ("seriously") since Spring 2010, a friend of mine gave me Naruto, I got hooked and that's the anime which started it all. I'm a sucker for shounen but anything that makes me laugh is an instant win... Although such anime's hard to find (all hail Gintama!!).

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FringeBenefits avatar FringeBenefits


Mar 4, 2012

RE: My review of Yuru-Yuri

On the contrary. Some of my favorite anime are comedies... I just don't find much humor in anime aimed at 12-year-olds who find the idea of girls kissing each other to be hilarious.

PurpleSpider88 avatar PurpleSpider88


Aug 21, 2011

Your welcome. ^^ I enjoy making new friends and talking to new people. If you ever want to talk just leave me a comment. :D I see you're a baker?

persona3nyx avatar persona3nyx


May 4, 2011

Haha well I'm weird enough to remember alot of my childhood. I grew up in a house filled with comics, anime, and video games. So it managed to stay in my memory. xD

And yeah I know exactly what you mean!! DBZ didn't go cheap in any of their fight scenes, and was pretty ahead of it's time when it came out in my opinion. The characters all seemed so unreal and vast. And all I could think was "how did Akira Toriyama come up with all of this?" XD But ever since I saw that Anime Movie "AKIRA" I began to expect more from anime. Like the elimination of still frame usage.

And Naruto is a great anime to start out with too. I used to watch it all the time, but I've fallen pretty far behind with it. And over 3k in a year?! Major props on that! ^-^ lollzz. And to Card Captor Sakura...the weird thing is, I've never watched it actually. I read it a few times, but never got a chance to watch it. O_O

ANd it's cool, I end up typing alot sometimes too haha. xD

LinkSword avatar LinkSword


May 4, 2011

Well, as my profile says:

There isn't really any ''dropped'' series in my list. When I ''drop'' something it means I don't intend to watch it for a long period of time (over a year at the very least), but I might pick it up again someday, whatever the reason. These are always long-running anime. Bleach is dropped though.

Naruto Shippuden had just entered the fillers, and the next part of the manga was utter crap for me anyways (now it's gotten nice again), so I felt that the end of Pain's arc was a good point to stop at for a long while. Now I've downloaded all the fillers and will watch them at some point, so that I can marathon the whole canon part once more episodes are out.

Fairy Tail... I loved the manga (until a terrible arc came in and I lost part of my interest, thus stalling it indefinitely), so I was really looking forward to the animated counterpart ever since it was first announced, but it didn't live up to my expectations at all and what I found was a super 'kiddified' version of the manga I loved, with way too bright colors and no blood at sight (since we're at it, can you tell me if there's any blood further in?). I'm going to watch it though (already downloaded eps up until #48), mainly because it's not like me to drop a show after two episodes and I want to see if the anime makes me want to pick the manga up again.

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