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foxhead556 avatar foxhead556


Mar 10, 2012

Awesome! Then feel free to drop by the room(ourroom) and sign up at the forum while ur at it xP (http://ourroom.crategames.net/forum/index.php) It also gives instructions on how to join the char room lol

foxhead556 avatar foxhead556


Mar 6, 2012

ahhh i see.But u should't just use the site to get suggestions :S U should also discuss bout it wit others xP but thats up to u. However if u do wanna discuss u should join this lil chat roomm where anime lovers like us can talk bout anime or mumbo jumbo ^^

foxhead556 avatar foxhead556


Mar 5, 2012

Since u friended me i might as well as drop by and say Hi and welcome u to AP ^^. As Puriful said "What are your favorite genres of anime?" For me i would go with Comedy,mecha and action xP

puriful avatar puriful


Mar 2, 2012

Hi greensheep, welcome to Anime Planet! 

I see you friended me, so I stopped by to say hi.

What are your favorite genres of anime? I personally like comedy, romance, drama, action, and adventure. Hopefully we can recommend some great stuff to each other in the future. :)

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