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Freezing Specials

31 AUG

First i have to say that i enjoyed watching Freezing.


I did get lured in by the limited fanservice it gave us.


But i'm not gonna say anything about the Freezing serie itself no, i'll be ranting about the specials!


Everyone that has seen them will probably have thought ' Geez, when is this going to end because i want to set it as watched because it is lame!'.


Well that is what i thought.


All specials are about one thing.


Nothing more is there to be said, these 'specials' are aimed for a public that likes to "amuse" themselfs while watching these 'specials'.


I like fanservice but not excessive fanservice that has no story, no goal and only aimed to be commercial.


I do not recommend to watch these specials as they're just a waste of time but if you do want to watch them go ahead.


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