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Hey, thanks for taking the time to read this!

Well, a bit about me....

I'm Natlie (Yes, it's Natlie, NOT Natalie), currently age 16, living in California. All you really need to know is that I love watching anime and reading manga a lot!

Anime I first watched:

I don't actually remember what was the very first anime I've ever seen so I'll just list the ones I remember... (By the way, these were all introduced to me around age 8 by an older cousin so if some of them are somewhat perverted, don't blame me.)

Air TV (Strong emotional attachment...)

Cardcaptor Sakura ( Only anime I found on my own at that age~)

Hand Maid May

Now and Then, Here and There (Recommended)

Princess Mononoke (Beyond awesome)

Read or Die (No words can express how amazing this anime is)

Rozen Maiden (Highly recommended)

Uta Kata

Rating System:

5 Stars: Flawless masterpiece

4.5 Stars: Would be a masterpiece if not for a few aspects I disliked

4 Stars: Very enjoyable

3.5 Stars: Good

3 Stars: Still sort of good

2.5 Stars: Eh

2 Stars: Naw

1.5 Stars: No

1 Star or below: HELL no

Current Favorite Animes (In Order...) (Update Nov. 29th, 2013)

1.) Clannad & Clannad ~ After Story ~( ALL TIME FAVORITES!)

2.) Puella Magi Madoka Magica

3.) Shingeki no Kyojin

4.) Another

5.) Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

6.) Durarara!!

7.) Kimi to Boku S1/S2 tied with Kimi ni Todoke S1/S2

8.)  Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai

9.) Junjou Romantica S1/S2 tied with Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi S1/S2

10.) Rozen Maiden S1/S2/S3 (OVA) (Not 2013. Sorry. It wasn't that great.)

11.) Angel Beats!

Well... That's about it! If you have any recommendations at all, feel free to leave one or two (or more) in the comments below. I'd say I'm not too picky about anime, but I'll occasionally have strong opinions about a show after watching it, so be on the look out for some vehement feedback from me! I will be very hesitant and/or reluctant to watch ecchi anime, seeing as it's my least favorite genre.

Feel free to start up a conversation with me if you'd like. I most certainly wouldn't mind, especially if it's a chat about anime~ But please don't take it personally if I take forever to respond; I'm currently preoccupied with things not pertaining to the lovely anime world. 

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336 total

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PinkFlowers82 Nov 1, 2011

Heya Nat,

Sorry it took me so long to write you back. . . How have things been since the move?

I have been doing pretty ok. . . reading a lot of manga ( Kuragehime, Black Bird, My Boyfriend is a Vampire) and watching dramas (Love You, Heartstrings, Lie to Me) and such lately and have not really been watching as much anime. It kinda goes in phases for me lol. :)

K-ON!! Is really a cute show. . . If you liked the rock aspect of Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya then you will like K-ON!! cause it's all about girls who rock! The songs are so cute and catchy too. Also if you have not seen it yet watch Working!! It is sooooo funny. I could not stop laughing out loud. I just downloaded season 1 so I can watch it again!

I just got finished watching Durarara!! I loved it! I also recently watched Samurai Champloo which is made up of pure undiluted awesome. I really need to stop slacking and write some reviews.

So how have you been otherwise?



koalibear Oct 7, 2011

Awwws thank you for the sweet comment! XD YES! Clannad is pure anime gold!! haha! :) Have you seen Chobits? Based off your profile I think you would really enjoy it! What are you watching right now? I just finished Angel Beats (another superb anime!) and I'm trying to decide what to start next!

PinkFlowers82 Aug 17, 2011

Ah it is actually the girls from K-ON! turned into guys! I thought they looked so cute and even have some of the songs from that show where they change the tone to sound like a guy and it sounds so good! How have you been lately?

PinkFlowers82 Jul 26, 2011

Hiya Doll :D How have you been? Watched any good shows lately? Right now I'm watching Nura Rise of the yokai clan and finally finishing up tsubasa chronicles. I also just finished xxxholic... Talk about a great soundtrack! Well I just wanted to say hellooo and send you a thanks for the gotff review! So Thanks! I don't know if my eyeballs could take the crying of the live action... But I'll let you know if I watch it.

j0rdanxo Jul 19, 2011

Oh my gosh, how amazing would it be if they made a second Loveless series!? I mean, I doubt it would happen... but still xD