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Jul 6, 2011

This anime is probably the most underrated comedic anime I have ever seen.

It's hilarious, has a few touching moments (but its often ruined afterwards by Guu or one of the other characters...), and very enjoyable to watch. I've been watching some very tense, dramatic, action-filled animes these days and Hale Nochi Guu was kinda like an outlet for those other animes. It never fails to make me laugh and has me ROFLing in every single episode.

The story received a 9/10 from me because each episode has its own story, not that i mind those, but sometimes, it stops story, moves on to others, and after a while, comes back to the story. It's a pretty good technique but it's hard for me to keep up with it sometimes. I often watch Hale Nochi Guu after watching a dramatic episode in another anime so usually, my mind is still filled up with the story from the other anime.... But the story develops quite well all-in-all so yeah...

THe animation is great! It's not exactly different, but not the same as other animes either. Its hard to explain but i liked it!

The music fits the anime extremely well! It's random, but fits each scene perfectly! The opening song is completely random and catchy so it definitely fits the anime! For the ending song, they slowed things down but it still had a steady, catchy beat, fitting for the touching/random scenes of the anime.

Each character's voice matched them extremely well! And i respect Hale's voice actor for screaming and acting out Hale's part really well in each episode. Guu's voice is so monotonous that hearing it just makes me laugh! (Sometimes, I try to imagine what's going on in the voicing studio while they're recording and crazy scenes always comes to my mind.)

The characters are all fantastic and extremely different and they are what makes the anime so random! For example, Hale, who is constantly stressing out over everything, Guu, who swallows everything and does completely weird things and causes uneccesary trouble for Hale to fix, Weda, who is completely carefree, the doctor, a complete pervert who is constantly being hunted by Dama until he dyes his hair black, Dama, who thinks every man with white hair is her deceased husband coming back for her and chases them to the ends of the earth, and the teacher who does almost nothing but sleep everyday, and MUCH MUCH more! You see what i mean?

Anyways, this is definitely an anime worth watching!

Wish you a happy watching~

7/10 story
5.5/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
9/10 characters
7.4/10 overall
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