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Kuroshitsuji 2

WARNING: COMPLETE BULLSHIT REVIEW BELOW WHICH WAS WRITTEN WHILE I WAS LACKING THREE NIGHTS' WORTH OF SLEEP. I'm too lazy to take it down/rewrite it so enjoy this crack review if you're going to read it~ (The ratings at the side are my legitimate opinions, judged with a proper night's rest.)


So, I have to admit, I was quite reluctant to watch this anime. I wasn't worried about whether or not it'd ruin the first season, but i was bothered by one of the covers i'd seen. A blonde boy who's definitely NOT Ciel and a butler in black wearing glasses. I jumped to the conclusion that Sebastian had begun to serve another person after what happened to Ciel and that turned me off COMPLETELY!  I can't say I don't regret watching the second season of this awesome anime series, but i can't say i do either... So I'll get on with explaining. (I'm not gonna bother with writing a summary... Too lazy.)

I found out that I was more than just WRONG on my assumption when I saw the first episode of the series and i'll admit that the opening song convinced me to check out the series. It was just too awesome to ignore! Okay, so when i saw TWO butlers and Ciel in his -- er -- situation, I was SOO excited to watch the entire series! The first episode was action-filled and I instinctively searched for the second episode the second the first episode ended. (Tongue-twister eh?)

Moving on to the characters, I personally don't like the new added characters in the series besides the three triplet demons. (MAN THEY'RE CUTE!) As for Hanna, I had a WHOLE lot of sympathy for her since Alois stabbed her left eye out but as the series drew on, I began to despise her. She was just so... EVIL! ( to me at least!) After she did what she had done to Ciel at the end of the season, I wanted to hunt her down and stomp her dead! (Sorry Hanna fans but that's just my opinion!)

-Alois Trancy- I have to admit that I have mixed feelings for this character... I don't exactly hate him but can't say i like him either. Okay, I hate him for how he stabbed out Hanna's eye even though i came to hate her, the way he's just soo... spoiled, and how cruel he is to most people. I "like" him because i feel bad for him. His story was just soo.... SAD! I was tearing up when I heard his story on episode one but when i heard the full and TRUE story, didn't shed a tear until that happened to Luca. Don't want to send him to Hell, where the spoiled punk probably deserves to be, but he DEFINITELY doesn't deserve to go to Heaven.

-Claude Faustus- Okay, I FULL-ON HATE this character. NO doubt in my mind. CREEPY PEDOPHILE! Okay, so maybe he's hot but Sebastian is way hotter and cooler and better in every way. Sorry Claude fans, but that's just my opinion on him. Basically, to me, Claude is a failed Sebby fraud...

SPOILER! - (Dun say i didn't warn ya... >_>)

DUDE HE'S SUCH A PEDOPHILE! HE FRICKIN LICKED CIEL'S FOOT. He also killed ALOIS! >_< That is just UNCOOL! Even though the kid probably deserved it, it was so unfair seeing Alois being killed by the ONLY one he trusted and loved. But Claude just HAD to get greedy and go for Ciel! >_> Okay, this rant is over.

Unspoiled! - ( Move on! Continue reading from here!)

Going back to the old characters, let's start with Ciel. Ciel is BACK~ <3 One of the MAJOR things I LUV about this series. He's back with his adorable face, adorable stubborness, and adorable relationship with his hot butler Sebastian! Also, he brought back with him amnesia and a BAD-ASS self! He's really not that helpless and useless when u watch 2nd season especially when he *SPOILER!* kicks Alois's butt in a sword fight! *Unspoiled* Seriously, EVERYBODY in this series WANTS Ciel (cuz that's just how awesome he is! X3)

-Sebastian- Ciel is my favorite character in both series but Sebas-chan comes in a close second. He's back with his hotness, awesome flawless skills, and perhaps a new level of jealousy.

Okay, 'nuff with the characters. I'll just say that the series overall was more than great but less than awesome (but the first series was awesome!). I REALLY hated the ending. It was pretty good and pretty much resolved everything, but Sebastian looked like he DESPISED Ciel! Ciel looked pretty happy and relaxed but he reminded me of Alois at that moment. I hate Alois most of the time so THATS NOT GOOD. Sebby, HANG IN THERE AND CONTINUE LOVING CIEL!! was what I thought the moment the ending song for episode 12 came on...

As a conclusion for this EXTREMELY long review, I'll just say that if you watched 1st season and was absolutely FINE with the ending of it (like me), i wouldn't recommend watching second season cuz it will ruin your fine dream! Dream on, thinking Ciel's tasty/cute soul is now in Sebastian's stomach! I do recommend it though, if you're unsatisfied with season one's ending since the ending of season 2 changed everything. If you're a TRUE fan though, I trust that you would watch both seasons and have your own opinions on it.

Please comment on what you thought of this review! (edit: Please don't.)

6.8/10 story
8.5/10 animation
8/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
7.3/10 overall
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