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Mar 29, 2013

Amnesia basically follows a girl (nobody knows her name so she's named "Heroine") who lost her memories and tries to regain them with the help of a fairy named Orion. However, nothing really makes sense seeing as she always returns to the date of August 1st for some unknown reason. On top of that, she's dating a different guy each time! Now, isn't that a shock?

Story: 7/20 Honestly, as the series went on, my thoughts have mainly ranged from "What the actual fuck?" to "What the hell's going on?!" So, really, it's not much of a difference. At first, nothing makes sense. The viewers are equally confused as Heroine, if not more. This... "confusion" really doesn't change until the final two episodes where everything finally clicks. (Maybe not perfectly, but it clicks.) The story is actually pretty decent, but only for those who are patient enough to watch through to the very end. (I'd say I'm a pretty patient person, but... this anime really tested my limits.) I feel as if this anime wasn't directed well because I literally had no idea what was going on until episode 11, when the creators threw a shit-ton of information at me all of a sudden. But what should've been a humongous "OH" moment during that episode had become a huge "well, it's about time I knew what the fuck is happening" moment which was accompanied by a very exasperated sigh. 

Animation: 7/10 The animation is what saved this anime aside from the bishies. It's one of the better-colored and well-animated series of Winter 2013. Even then, it's truly not the best. There were a whole lot of moments where the characters' movements were stiff, robotic almost, so a couple of points were marked off for that. I honestly gave this particular rating a lot of love because I pity the fact that this decent animation was spent on a plot this pathetic.

Sound: 5/10 Alright, this is one of the very few anime where voice-acting has become a colossal issue for me. I have a problem with Ukyo's VA, Miyata Kouki, because his voice does not suit Ukyo. Ukyo is probably the one of the oldest characters in this series but his voice sounds like that of an uke who's still in junior high! That urked me to no end because every time Ukyo spoke, a bit of my soul withered and died.


Ukyo is also the key character who caused all that shit to happen in the first place, so I would expect him to have a decent, fitting voice. I'm not trying to offend anyone with this opinion, but Miyata-san did a pretty shitty job with Ukyo's split personality's voice. It sounded so forced and off that I muted the video and just followed along by reading the subtitles. 


The opening and ending were decent (Go, Nagi Yanagi!), but there was nothing remarkable about the actual OST of this anime. Nothing stood out in a good or bad way, so it didn't leave an impression on me whatsoever. All the other voice-actors did a fairly good job but, once again, they didn't leave a particular impression on me.

Characters: 4/10 I'll cut right to the chase. Heroine is probably one of the shittiest characters I've ever seen in my life. I like the idea of her not having a name because I've never seen another character like that before, so I gave her a point for that. That bonus point still didn't save her from falling down to my list of "worst characters ever." She has no personality at all. At first, I thought, "She just lost her memories, so she doesn't know who she is. It's only natural for her to be kind of dull." I defended her with that kind of thinking for 7 episodes, but then I predicted that she wasn't going to change. (Guess what? I was right.) I honestly do not know what the FIVE guys she dated saw in her, but who am I to judge love? Love is love, right? There's no justification for it. Based on that kind of thinking, I only cut off half the points I intended to excise. 

Orion was an expendable character. There was seriously no need for him to be there. He was basically voicing all of Heroine's thoughts and occasionally giving advice that a three-year-old would've known without being told. He was like Heroine's second voice/brain, except he was just a pinch more knowledgable than the dumb girl.

All the other characters were pretty good. Ikkyu and Toma stood out to me the most out of the five main guys because they really weren't who I thought they were at first. Appearances can be deceiving, no? (Especially Toma. Oh my god. What the hell was going on with that cage?) Really, though, the hotness of their appearances saved all five of them from also going onto the list of shittiest characters.

Overall: 4.6/10 I'm reluctant to give this anime a score that's really double of what I intended to give it in the first place, but that's what calculations led me to so there's nothing I can do about it. If all you're looking for is eye candy, go ahead and watch until your heart is content. However, if you're expecting an amazing plot and wonderful character development, turn away and never look back. This is basically what sums up my thoughts about this anime:

3.5/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
4/10 characters
4.6/10 overall
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ChocolateCat Jul 16, 2013

i completely agree with your review the heroine's personality was so bland I get she is from an otome game but adding in some sort of personality would have been the smart thing to do

NYchococat Jun 22, 2013

hmmm...well her vocabulary expanded from: umm, etto, hai,eh she started to somewhat get a personality but then it ended