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Best Animation/Art of All Time (Ranked)

A list of all the most unique, intriguing, smooth, vivid animations I've ever seen in anime. (Updated as of July 7th, 2013)

Best of Fall 2012 (Ranked)

Ranked from "This is the hidden jewel in anime history!" to "What the hell happened?"

Best of Fall 2013 (Ranked)

A list of the Fall 2014 anime I'm watching or have watched ranked from "I'm in complete awe" to "I'm gonna need a mop to clean up this shit performance." (Updated as of February 23rd, 2014)

Best of Fall 2014 (Ranked)

A list of all the anime from the fall season of 2014 that I've watched/am watching . (Updated as of June 16th, 2015)