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  • Thoughts on Anime of Summer 2013 (Mid-season analysis)

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Thoughts on Anime of Summer 2013 (Mid-season analysis)

17 AUG

I find it rather frustrating that this season's anime isn't horrible, and yet not a single one is even close to making me go, "OMG THIS IS SO AMAZING ERMAGERDF:J:DKJAD" This may or may not be Attack on Titan's fault, seeing as I'm watching it right now and it has pretty much taken over my anime life. This "issue" is really bothering me for some reason. Could it be due to the summer heat?

Blood Lad - I'll admit that I enjoy watching this anime, but I can't help but feel that it's a very, very typical shounen anime. It slides right into that genre very smoothly. Don't get me wrong; I have nothing against shounen anime! Perhaps I'm simply getting sick of seeing boobs across the screen every time Fuyumi and Bell show up. Bell is a fairly great character, but I'm finding it rather difficult to appreciate her for her personality and purpose for being in the show when every time I see her, the screen goes *BOOBSHOT*. Fuyumi... aahh... Can't say I like this chick. She's the reason why the whole story/adventure began, but damn she's annoying as hell! She gets even more "boobshots" than Bell and she's constantly being sexualized! Not to mention, she is completely helpless and useless. I hate those characters so, so much.

Danganronpa Kibou no Gakuen... fahck it - (The name is too long) I was reluctant to start watching this show due to how terrible Devil Survivor 2 the Animation from last season was. That anime left a very bad impression on me for those game-turned-anime animes. I know there are some amazing ones out there, but... Devil Survivor 2 was simply too horribly executed. I'll never be able to wash its bad taste outta my mouth. Moving on... I will honestly say that I'm very impressed with Danganronpa! I was so surprised by how entertained I was from the second episode onward. The first episode was somewhat boring since everything was being introduced and all. Plus, that Maizono girl was crying half of the time, so she got pretty annoying to me really quickly. I'm very, very hesitant to start praising this anime because survival anime tend to have real big ass-pulls towards the end of the show. Of course, I want this show to succeed and hopefully avoid ass-pulls, but after watching Mirai Nikki, Btooom!, and don't even get me started on SAO, I've pretty much lost all hope in the survival genre. Best of luck to you, Lerche. AVOID THE ASS-PULLS.

Free! - Well, Kyoto Animation has finally realized that they have a huge female fanbase that they can pull a shit-ton of money from! Hooray! (I'll cry for my wallet when the anime is over.) In all seriousness, KyoAni has outdone themselves yet again. They're constantly producing anime with extremely high quality animations and decent, if not wonderful, plots. Free! may look like it was created just to cater to the female audience, but once you watch it, you can easily see that that's clearly not the case. This is an anime about boys swimming together and loving it. Of course they're going to splash around half-naked! What else would one expect? The plot isn't too bad either. It's a fairly typical anime plot, so I'm not going to spazz-out over that. The plot is also the reason why I can't bring myself to declare, "Free! is the best anime of this season!!!" It's not very unique... or should I say "original"? It definitely has a solid base, so the anime can't possibly sink (haha. Punny.), but it doesn't have enough originality to be highly praised. (I won't deny that I'm also watching this to ship them boys~)

Gatchaman Crowds - Honestly, I have no idea where the hell this anime is headed. I feel that it's describing a very unique and interesting concept, but it's told in such an abstract way that my mind simply cannot follow what's going on. This anime is currently at the bottom of my Summer 2013 list because I just don't understand anything that happens. The animation and art style is really interesting, so I'll definitely continue to watch it until the bitter end!

Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun 2 - A continuation of the first season? Of course I'm going to watch! As if I'll let myself waste my life on 12 episodes of an anime and not finish it... This show doesn't take itself seriously enough. Sure, there are some stoic moments and cool battles almost every episode, but those moments are always ruined by some comedic remark or some character behaving like a complete dumbass. I would love this show so much more if it took itself more seriously! I'm constantly getting sidetracked from the main plot whenever something ruins a serious moment. Honestly, I'm getting sick of it. The plot is pretty good and original, but with the seemingly interminable distractions along the way, its full potential definitely cannot be drawn out. **quick rant** There was a moment when Sosuke met and was battling Ao for the first time. My mind was like, "OOOHH~ Shit just got real!" However, the battle lasted no longer than a minute or two and was rather anti-climactic. The serious "SHIT IS HAPPENING" moment was ruined by Shino when he stopped the battle in a comedic manner. I swear... I was not the least bit amused.**end rant**

Love Lab - This anime is so adorable and hilarious! The predicaments the girls manage to get themselves in never fail to entertain me. Their lack of experience in love is also rather amusing. Maki's lack of common sense when it comes to love won't ever stop baffling and making me burst into fits of laughter! Recently, a new male character, Satoshi, popped up and I'm hardcore-shipping Riko with him. (Maybe this is due to the lack of shoujo stories I've read/watched these days?) I haven't been this invested in a heterosexual anime-ship since Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, so I'm feeling rather helpless and somewhat desperate... (How sad...) Despite how much I enjoy watching these adorable characters, I cannot bring myself to wholeheartedly love the light-hearted, fluffy atmosphere that this anime brings with each episode. I'm more of a dark, tear-jerking story lover, so these kinds of anime will not satisfy me.

Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist - Loving the fanservice and the plot doesn't seem too bad, but it's starting to feel like a "monster of the week" anime. I don't quite enjoy watching those because everything gets so predictable. Of course, the protagonist will prevail in the end no matter what! (Unless the occasional boss comes along and stumps the protagonist for an episode or so before the hero somehow manages to defeat it. It's pretty simple.) Going back to the plot, I'm more curious to see who William chooses to be Hell's interim ruler... I could just watch the final two episodes, but like hell I'll let myself miss some amazing BL fanservice! (>w<)/

Rozen Maiden Zuruckspulen (aka Rozen Maiden 2013) - It's so difficult for me to view this anime from a non-biased POV because I love the first anime series so, so much! This series most definitely doesn't follow the same plot as the anime, meaning that it's following the manga's plot (Hooray for the manga getting a continuation!). As far as I can tell, the plot is pretty weak... It's also predictable. I get the feeling that the anime is trying too hard to be mysterious and dark. (I'm trying so hard to not compare it to Rozen Maiden, Traumend, and Overture!!!) I suppose one can say that I'm a bit disappointed with this anime.

Servant x Service - This is probably going to be one of my favorite slice-of-life comedies of all time! The characters are all entertaining and very unique/original. I've yet to experience a moment of boredom while watching Servant x Service! Each character's problems are fairly realistic and easily relatable, so it becomes rather difficult for one to not feel attached to at least a character. Some gags are constantly repeated, but they never get old because there's always some kind of a twist to it! I'll never get tired of that.

Sunday Without God - If this series had a different main character, I'd be much more satisfied with it. Ai Astin is so... annoying!! She's so nosy and noisy! If I were to be on an adventure to save the world with a girl like her, I'd tell her to fuck off and try to save the damned world myself. All the other characters are fairly decent and I have zero complaints about them. The plot is very original. I don't think I've ever heard a story where the plot is about God abandoning the world and dead humans coming back to life. Sounds just like an apocalypse story, but I was surprised by how calm everything was. This is probably due to the story being set 15 years after their God abandoned their world. It seems more like a Dystopian-type of setting judging by the way the world was portrayed. I'll continue to watch this anime because I wish to find out how things will turn out in the end.

**SPOILER ALERT** I pretty much had a complete "FUCK THIS ANIME" moment when my favorite character died on episode 3. Three weeks in and my heart was already shattered. Fuck this. ***end spoiler***


Isho13 avatar Isho13
Mar 1, 2014

I've only watched Free! and Rozen Maiden from this list. Totally agree with you on the Free! part, but I'm on chapter 7 from Rozen Maiden and loving it so far :)

Great review :)

mantissa avatar mantissa
Oct 4, 2013

OMG! I agree with this review so much! I just can't disagree with anything. Good job. :)

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