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Favorite Openings of Summer 2013

20 AUG

The numbers in bold list my ranking of the openings based purely on the music. The numbers in italics within the parentheses are my ranking of the op... read more

Thoughts on Anime of Summer 2013 (Mid-season analysis)

17 AUG

I find it rather frustrating that this season's anime isn't horrible, and yet not a single one is even close to making me go, "OMG THIS IS SO AM... read more

List of Milestones!

30 MAR

1st Shounen-ai Anime: Loveless 1st Yaoi anime: Junjou Romantica 100th Anime Watched: Junjou Romantica 2 200th Anime Watched: Tamako Market ... read more

Yamaken - Not the Typical Unrequited-Love Character

23 MAR

**Written based on only watching the anime** This pretty boy: fell in love with a girl who doesn't realize he's in love with her.  fell in l... read more