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about me

Hey, thanks for taking the time to read this!

Well, a bit about me....

I'm Natlie (Yes, it's Natlie, NOT Natalie), currently age 15, living in California. All that you really need to know is that I love watching anime and reading manga a lot!

Anime I first watched:

I don't actually remember what was the very first anime I've ever seen so I'll just list the ones I remember... (By the way, these were all introduced to me around age 8 by an older cousin so if some of them are somewhat perverted, don't blame me.)

Air TV (Strong emotional attachment...)

Cardcaptor Sakura ( Only anime I found on my own at that age~)

Hand Maid May

Now and Then, Here and There (Recommended)

Princess Mononoke (Beyond awesome)

Read or Die (No words can express how amazing this anime is)

Rozen Maiden (Highly recommended)

Uta Kata

Current Favorite Animes (In Order...) (Update Nov. 29th, 2013)

1.) Clannad & Clannad ~ After Story ~( ALL TIME FAVORITES!)

2.) Puella Magi Madoka Magica

3.) Shingeki no Kyojin

4.) Another

5.) Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

6.) Durarara!!

7.) Kimi to Boku S1/S2 tied with Kimi ni Todoke S1/S2

8.)  Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai

9.) Junjou Romantica S1/S2 tied with Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi S1/S2

10.) Rozen Maiden S1/S2/S3 (OVA) (Not 2013. Sorry. It wasn't that great.)

11.) Angel Beats!

Well... That's about it! If you have any recommendations at all, feel free to leave one or two (or more) in the comments below. I'd say I'm not too picky about anime, but I'll occasionally have strong opinions about a show after watching it, so be on the look out for some vehement feedback from me! I will be very hesitant and/or reluctant to watch ecchi anime, seeing as it's my least favorite genre.

Feel free to start up a conversation with me if you'd like. I most certainly wouldn't mind, especially if it's a chat about anime~

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Woolfie avatar Woolfie


Feb 18, 2014

Omg, Hi!

Haha, two years later, so much for my promise to "always answer". Sorry bout that.

Anyway, no I  haven't seen the anime you mentioned, but I will check it out. Haven't watched that much anime for a couple of years but the interest is more and more coming back to me (I'm am right now aiming to watch ALL the Pokémon seasons and movies, OVAs etc.. Just finished the first season...). So I am thankful for your suggestion :)


mantissa avatar mantissa

Thanks! ^_^

Nov 30, 2013

I don't really remember, what exactly I wrote, but I'm glad you liked it. :)

Heh, I think we both have good taste in anime. :D What do you like in this season? I'm crazy about Ace of Diamonds and Kuroko no Basket. I like Golden Days too, but Ace of Diamonds is really great! I would highly recommend this title! :)

duchessliz avatar duchessliz


Sep 27, 2013

Hi! I saw one of your lists and read your profile.  .  .and took a peek at your anime list.  .  .and I would like to recommend a few anime that you either haven't watched yet or they simply aren't on your list. . .

Bakuman (HIGHLY Recommended! It's in my top five fave anime. . .it's sooooo good! very compelling. . .and highly addictive! Has a wonderful balance of comedy and drama!)

Natsume Yuujinchou (HIGHLY Recommend! This is another anime from my top five. . .the art is just gorgeous. . .and the anime itself is so refreshing and relaxing. . .plus, I really loved Nyanko-sensei! He was awesome! There is a reason that it had four seasons. . .very moving anime!)

One Piece (I noticed this in your want to watch list. . .This is my fave anime. . .number one in my fave list! I do recommend it but. . .it takes several episodes to pull you in. . .for me. . .I didn't get addicted until the Sanji arc. . .which starts at ep 20 or so. . .for some it happens sooner. . .and some it takes even longer. . .I don't know what category you fall into but. . .try not to give up. . .it gets soooo damn good later on!)

Gravitation (I noticed you like shounen-ai. . .this one is hilarious. . .Yuki WILL get on your nerves but. . .it's definately worth watching. . .Shindou will crack you up with his antics. . .pfft. . .I smile just thinking about some of the stuff he does. . .the first ep though. . .they kinda messed with the animation in the first ep. . .but as long as you can push past it. . .it's definately a good watch!)

Gintama (I noticed it's in your watch list. . .but you kind of have to take it with a grain of salt in the beginning. . .it's slow to capture you. . .it's the type of anime you have to watch in between other anime because it doesn't get addictive until the first big arc. . .which is 30+ episodes into the anime. . .but. . .it's still hilarious as all get out. . .it's just one you can't marathon in the beginning. . .)

Kaichou wa Maid Sama (I'm in shock that you haven't seen it. . .it's honestly one the best romance anime out there. . .and hilarious to boot!)

Gin no Saji (If you love slice of life anime. . .this is frankly one of my absolute favorites. . .it was hilarious and just plain awesome. . .never did I think an anime about a kid attending an agricultural school could be so good! The end of the first ep. . .made me laugh until I was in tears! What he said? Totally what I was thinking lol)

anyway. . .I hope this was. . .helpful. . .probably not lol. . .sorry if I bugged you. . .

sothis avatar sothis


Apr 28, 2013

Hiya, just spreading the word about this, if you have a few mins please check/fill it out as the results will directly impact the redesign we're working on for Anime-Planet :) thank you! http://www.anime-planet.com/forum/site-announcements/179685-please-fill-out-survey-asap-help-influence-our-redesign.html

Also please spread the word to your friends (even if they don't use AP!) ^_^

Damias avatar Damias


Mar 26, 2013

I'd say an average of 2hrs, making sure my blogs are coherent. There are times when it reaches to a least 4hrs because of well this... *Sad Face.

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