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I'm a big gamer primarily, but I've been really into anime for almost 10 years now, and it has had almost as large an effect on my life as gaming has.  I prefer to watch fantasy/sci-fi series, though lately I have been getting really into shoujo/romantic-comedies, with shows like  B Gata H Kei, Sukitte Ii Na Yo, and Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun getting high marks.  I also watch my anime almost purely subbed rather than dubbed, because I find the japanese voice acting is much more practiced, precise, and has more feeling, and also because I like to get a less localized and messed with (trying to fit the english words to fit japanese mouth movements) translation, which subs allow for much better than dubbing does.

If you're interested, my game preferences are Strategy and Role-Playing games, with my favorite being Final Fantasy Tactics, the only game I have sunk more time into than any of the elder scrolls series, because the story is absolutely compelling, the gameplay is tight and well balanced, and there is definitely a nostalgia factor.  It also has one of the most faithful remakes I have ever seen on PSP, in which they keep all of the original story while adding little extras here and there, including amazing cell-shaded cutscenes, voice acting in those cutscenes, and extra sidequests/events.

The way I watch anime is on a 3 episode test system.  If it is boring/bad/whatever to the point where I drop it within the first 3 episodes, I will pretty much never pick it up again, unless prompted by some outside force after it is complete.  if I get through the first 3 episodes, I will generally watch it until the end, unless its a long-running series *cough*naruto*cough* where the rule is completely ineffectual due to the changes made over time.  So, many of my ratings/reviews of anime tend to be in the higher ranges because I generally don't rate something I haven't watched to conclusion.  I will also admit that my ratings are based more on how I feel about it rather than any technical aspect, though it does play a part, so many of my 5 star ratings, were I to judge them purely on their technical merits would at most be 4.5 stars, but because it hit the right notes with me, it got a perfect score (though if I were to choose my own score, they would be in the 4.5-5 range rather than a straight 5).

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