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Recorder to Randoseru

26 MAR

Story: 2/10

Q: “How much of a plot can we squeeze out of a 4-koma consisting entirely of ‘kids who don’t look their age’?”
A: Not much.

Q: “How many child molester jokes can we make before the censors tell us to quit?"
A: Too many.

Q: “How many times can we make an 11-year-old boy fall on his 20-something teacher’s boobs?”
A: Once is plenty, but make sure to occasionally zoom in on them jiggling like water balloons (the boobs, not the characters).

Animation: 4/10
Q: “How generic can we make our characters look?”
A: See if you can stick them in any other ‘comedy’ series and figure out if anyone could guess that they were from their own show.

Q: “How can we make our audience feel like pedophiles?”
A: 17-year-olds who look 10 and 11-year-olds who look 20. Dress the 11-year-old in a couple of fetishistic outfits for 'laughs'.

Sound: 4/10
Q: “How can we make sure our viewers buy our show's soundtrack?"
A: Play the same flute refrain at the beginning of every episode. Take up 20% of our three-minute time with a ‘90s anime theme song.

Q: “How many talented voice actors can we get to work on this?”
A: A frightening number.

Character: 1/10
Q: “Do 11-year-olds like anything besides chocolate and sweets?”
A: No.

Q: “Do teenage girls like anything besides domestic activities or hunky guys?”
A: No.

Overall: 2/10
Q: “Wow, we sure did great, didn’t we?”
A: Stop.

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User Review Scores

  • Story 2/10
  • Animation 4/10
  • Sound 4/10
  • Characters 1/10
  • Overall 2/10


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