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I'm just a guy who enjoys reading, video games, and watching anime in his spare time.

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MyWafiu says...

PLEASE SENPAI DON'T BE SO RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Aug 14, 2015
lindapearl says...

It would depend on the person whether you like fantasy and action animes but I think Shana was a good anime. It may start of a little boring but it quickly becomes interesting. There a lot of unexpected events in it. If you like action, fantasy, and magic animes then you might like this one.

Sep 12, 2014
Sianeka says...

I am adding you as a WECO Club Supporter, and I thank you much!!! (Club Supporters are important members of the club. Their endorsement really benefits the club by boosting morale, and by helping to increase the club’s reputation and visibility on the site!)  If you ever want to be more involved, just let me know and I can help you take a more active part in the club, but nothing more is required.  While I love the club's Greeters, who do the welcomes and who are very special people, endorsements are also very cool and we love our Club Supporters.  Nothing more is needed. No obligations. If that is the role that is best for you, I thank you very much for your support!

(If you want, feel free to use a WECO banner in your forum signature or on your profile page. They are here, if you want one, but no obligation to use one if you don't wish to.)

Sep 12, 2014
lindapearl says...

nice avatar

Sep 11, 2014
Sianeka says...

Hi! I notice you often greet new members here, so I'm guessing you think it is a good idea to give a nice hello to new members. Therefore, I want to invite you to become a Club Supporter in the A-P Welcoming Committee club. Club Supporters endorse the idea that WECO welcomes new members to the site. There are NO OBLIGATIONS involved in being a Club Supporter.  No extra work that you need to do; by becoming a Supporter, all you are doing is saying you agree it is a good idea that the club welcomes new members.

(Note: if you ever want to become even more involved and start greeting new members as part of club participation, let me know and I can send you information about becoming a Greeter.)

Sep 11, 2014