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I must admit, after watching the first few episodes of Ouran High School, I seriously thought about dropping it because it simply just bored the heck out of me.  Considering it fell under the comedic genre, it wasn't funny to me at all.  I thought the characters weren't able to hold up and weren't interesting.  Moreover, I was disappointed because I expected more from it, after reading reviews and forums and seeing how everyone seemed to love the anime.

I guess it was just by sheer chance of me having choppy internet that day that I decided to continue watching the succeeding episodes which I had previously downloaded.  I found that, as I got into things, my previous assessment had been proven wrong.  

Lesson Learned: Don't judge an anime by the first few episodes only.

Ouran High School Host Club is a beautiful story in its own way, especially through the naive but wise eyes of Hikaru Fujioko.  Not to mention, how each of the other characters' stories as well as personalities fit in the story.  

I highly recommend reading the manga though, because, after watching the last episode, you would somehow think it is incomplete, like you will be left feeling that you weren't really satisfied with the ending.

But, all in all, Ouran High School Host Club is a must-see. 

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8/10 overall
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