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12 MAY

Hey, so I'm Gilay04! I discoevered this site to be quite useful to find new animes to watch and to add onto my list. Same goes for manga! I spend a lot of my time watching anime and reading manga because it's very fun to read and watch them. People might call me lazy (like my parents) and say that I have no life (like my younger brother) but I do, it's purpose is to enjoy MY life! And I'm enjoying that by watching anime and reading manga! I only have around 4 friends in my life (well, in real life) that also watch anime and read manga. I've made many more (online) friends who share the same interests as me! 

Well, I know that there are only a few anime and/or manga listed on my profile, but believe me...There are too many to list on here and to keep track on. I do have accounts on other websites that contain some of the anime/manga I've read(ing)(ed) or watch(ing)(ed). I also have a list on my CP or email that also have some of them listed, but I just find a manga/anime to read/watch and just go along with the flow!

If you are reading this now, I hope we can be friends and have a fun time together...I think(?) Well, anyways, I hope we can get along and have a great time!! PEACE ;)

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