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Jun 21, 2011

I found Sundome while looking in the related section of Nana To Kaoru, a manga where a perverted boy convinces his childhood friend to have short, soft S&M sessions with him. As i enjoyed Nana To Kaoru, i thought i'd give Sundome a go.

The plot follows a high school student, Aiba, who is part of the school Roman club.

The club is basically a small crowd of otaku, or nerds, who are interested in aliens, ghosts, most paranormal things. There is one rule, you cannot have sex. If you stick to this rule, the OB (who run the club) will pay for your tuition fees into college/university. If you break the rule, however, your out of the club.

This may sound easy enough, but every so often the OB send in "assassins" to seduce the boys and get them to lose their virginity. To try and abstain from sexual desire, some members choose to develop strange masturbating habits, or even weird fetishes.

These fetishes are what, i believe, make the characters so original. The strange anal fetish of one of the members had me laughing quite a lot, as he was often found with his hand down the back of a fellow members pants while asleep.

Following the rules is easy for Aiba at first, since he has never been too into girls, and stuck to his too-often masturbating routine.

Enter Kurumi Sahana.


Kurumi is placed next to Aiba in class, and, at first meeting, reaches down to pick up her pen. Unfortunately for poor Aiba, he gets a front seat view down her top, and his manly instincts begin to kick in. Her hand rubs against it, but she doesnt seem to realise, and he thinks he got off easy.

After school that day, Kurumi follows Aiba to Roman club, and decides to join. When they get a moment alone, she tells him she knows what happened in class and she knows what she felt.. and in fact.. she did it on purpose.

From then on, Kurumi takes almost total control over Aibas life, including when he can and cant masturbate, and they have a secret, very complicated, relationship.


The artwork in this manga seems fairly simple on most pages, but on some, particularly when Kurumi and Aiba get a moment alone, it becomes a lot more detailed and dark. It looks amazing.


I guarentee all those who enjoy comedy, romance, or sexual manga will enjoy this. Hell, try it even if you dont, im mainly into Shounen anyway and i loved it. Sundome will keep you entertained for hours. It will make you laugh, and cry.


Sundome literally means "stopping the moment before". A brilliant title for a brilliant manga.

9/10 story
9/10 art
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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