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Hello, nice to meet you all!

I am currently a second year student japanese major, currently studying in a college in Japan! (yay~). ですから、少し日本語を話してちょとうむずかしい。。二年間だけ勉強した ですからあまりわかる^^;;がんばります!!

As for my anime list, I am unsure how everyone else does it but..if i have it as dropped, wont watch, etc. It still means I own the you can see I have a lot of stalled because I usually just back series up (i have been doing so for over 6 years) but even those that are stalled usually i watch a bunch of episodes out of them. I will update my list from time to time when I get the time to continue adding (im half way through going through the sites anime list)

All in all, nice to meet you~ And i look forward to this site!

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1010rikku Jan 9, 2008

*reads bio*

Currently studying in Japan??!! You looking for a roomate??? *starts packing bag**sniff*

Great anime list dude, I love the variety!  It kinda reminds me of mine :P

Kivan Jan 8, 2008

nice collection :)

wolfangel87 Dec 20, 2007

Welcome to Anime Planet!

Nice anime list, don't forget to fill out a bio!  ^_^