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Madoka is like SAO and AOT,the reason why people call it good cause of its shock value.

Madoka is all about SHOCK value nothing more.and its not dumb to think so.

It also good for being "Gen Urobochi's" work.Reputation rather than actual quality.

Madoka also has the worst consistency in plot writing that I have ever seen in years.
Even the newer anime can keep things together better than this.

I don't hear much talking about it the plot and characters but advertising it.It isn't just moe killing the industry,its more about anime fandom wanting to show off than care for actual storytelling.

So in the beginning, Madoka through Mami learns of the magical world,and wants to be a magical girl then Homura tries to stop her.the second half is poorly done time travel and changing the rules of the game.through a lot of deus ex machinas and contrivances.

Madoka- basically some one who does absolutely nothing till like ep 12.that makes a wish to be a god .Only works through a time travel conivence power up.Homura did nothing different that warranted this wish in the first place, therefore it is a contrivance.Her moral conflict to wish or not to wish means nothing special as she had no real choice.

Mami-Her death made it a 10/10 masterpiece,Oh yeah it is a epic plothole, considering ep 12.

The 'Forget what you kow about the magical girls/deconstruction" title is very undeserving for the story.People get brought BACK TO LIFE.why should i care for the Dark consequences if their wishes if this is the case.Just like Kirito for SAO.

Blue haired-"Waah even though being a magical girl already makes me not human that nobody stopped me from getting a boy i like, "i will kill myself".For a Shoujo,Girls are pathetic in this story,and that's saying something.

Red haired-seemed interesting at first but she ended up dying for blue one for some lame to "stay by her side" reason.

kuubey- These people can make wishes to create god more powerful than themselves,they cant think up the solutions to entropy themselves?Why can they get one girl to wish for no entropy and don't give me that time travel power up bs that is a plot hole because of how shoehorned it is.

There was never a real explanation for the witches origins,being magical girls doesn't explains the first witches and the original existance.They make things worse for the universe in the movie.logical yeah right.

Homura-You can't change the future using information from the past,its bad writing and each reset the characters had completely different personalities,Mami turn from her justice to just killing her friends for no sane reason.

So now the rules have changed, the witch are now something else and Madoka is god

Change the rules,destroy the original plot.destroy every reason for one to care.

The visuals are stunning but mostly irrelevent to the story.its just there for show and sometimes it seems difficult to follow the plot.

Inconsistent characters,bad plot and botched themes,The SAO of magical girls.

I shall deal with the movie very soon...........

4/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall

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