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In an age where Genre,Premise and Tropes define anime.TWGOK shows that great original storytelling could still exist.

TWGOK could have been a mindless moe anime.It could have been one of those otakuism stories like Welcome to the NHK or Watamote to appeal to otaku relatability.It could have been "Dark and Edgey" for the sake of appealing to a superficial undestanding of maturity.

Anime these days have become this giant pandering fest,instead of doing what an anime i feel ought to be doing,drawing people in with their own stories.

TWGOK was an anime that did not follow trends,what started as a deconstruction of the harem genre with a theme of ideals versus reality,finally started to give a storyline that I would call an anime classic.

This show is the standard for character development.So many charcters meaningfully grow and change over the course of the story,we get to really see this in this arc.

Kudos to Yui,who becae her own prince instead of being a traditional girl.For Shiori, who could only speak in moe noises could finally speak properly wrote the story only she could tell.Kudos to Haqua, the book-smart girl the pride of new hell.I could go on.....

They may based on archetypes, but they have 3d depth and perssonality.

Even  rare and tame by even battle anime/gundam standards, fanservice scenes is made useful to the storyline through keima.I admit that is unique.

Kudos to the Theme of twgok being true to yourself and having the courage to face reality.A not so black and white theme, considering that these girls were not "purified" to be normal.

Ah yes the polt,a plot that is not solely understood by the premise.Keima has to go and revive the Goddesses.keeping with what we already know, but bringing enough originality as well.Twgok is very logically consistent, things have a reason to happen, it could keep up even with the most serious stories that I have read.

A "save the world" premise but an arc that is mainly focused on Keima and his he no longer uses his knowlege as readily and started to use his experiences with reality to great effect.

Maturity is not about just death and haviing an adult premise,it is about responsibility and how you act.Unilkie other anime where they making killers look cool,inserting the "Senin" genre tag, and having the protagonist to always do the perfectly moral decision,actions have meangingful consequences, the protagonist had to make an ugly move on a certain girl in a bid to protect her, he also has to push forward even when it seems hopless,and he never took the glory and even let his harem do what they can do to help him out.He knows when to STOP.

The arc showed how  keima has turned from self indulgent to being a selfess hero.

A certain memorable scene showed how he is coming to terms with reality,not as an otaku but as a person.

I have to give kudos to  vintage,they could have been half hearted harem villans.I love how hell is an actual sociecty and not just that "place of evil" with a political factions of traditional vs new,not simply good or bad.Vintage may be great at doing thair job using logic and tatics were fooled to be clearly set up by their bosses...

The ending scene is it really back to square one or.....

I wish they had the ova's for the conquests though,shame really, and there are things to resolved though after this.So I would not  give this a 10/10 yet even though its quality is there.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
9/10 overall
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