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Its been a very long time since i've seen an anime of this caliber and i'm here to get you convinced on why you should watch it

TWGOK is far better that the polt summary leads on,even when i first saw it, I thought to myself "how could this be any good!".In short the execution is pretty good.

TWGOK is about a guy(keima) trying to pursue girls.Basically he gets one girl than moves on to the next.It is arc- like for now.

Its not that Keima could just spam dating sims knowlge on its own and he could get girls automtically.He is very observant of his surroundings,plans stuff and it takes multiple events just to get one girl to like him.

There have been many smart anime protagonists.The thing that makes Keima different is that he is not smart cause of his knowledge or that he could do over-the -top stuff,is that in the way he uses what he knows that makes him smart,and even makes his feats believable.In short we are not just told he is smart,he feats back it up,and we are not just convinced cause of being over the top,or being cool to look at.

All the girls in TWGOk may originate from harem anime types.but the sheer depth in characterisation and development makes is justified to give a well deserved 10/10.The show baslically converts the archetyes to ideals,allowing a form of deconstruction of harem anime.

Each girl is idealistic.We see them genuinely struggle against reality.They show how strongly they beleve in them.Keima basicaly through love, show them that they could have the courage to face reality.The girls are characters that could stand on their own merits,as opposed to just making the main feel good.

The stength of TWGOK over most anime lies in the fact that its not just about love or genre tags, its about "Ideals Versus Reality" a theme that only TWGOK has.

The artstyle is very unique to TWGOK.More of a refined anime.

The one reason why I can't give TWGOK a 10/10 it that it is arc-like....
For now.(same as season 1)

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
10/10 characters
8/10 overall
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