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Story: We are immediately introduced to our protagonist, Aikawa Ayumu, who is a zombie, and the necromancer who raised him, Hellsythe Eucliwood (or Yuu, as she's deminuitively named throughout the show). We learn very early on why he is a zombie (he was murdered) and why Yuu raised him (because he was nice to her). We quickly meet Haruna, the overconfident panties-flashing magical girl. However, for some reason, Ayumu gains Haruna's powers and hilarious outfit and has to become a magical girl as well. Compete with frilly pink dress and panties, which we see a lot of leading one to believe he doesn't have much downstairs. At some point we are introduced to Seraphim (a.k.a. Sera), a vampire ninja who has generically huge tits, and Tomonori, another vampire ninja who is initially mistaken for a dude. So, with our array of satirically generic characters, the plot begins! Intially, it's the 'who murdered Ayumu' saga, followed by the 'generic monster of the week' saga, followed by the 'fanservice' saga, and concluded by the 'Yuu's problems' saga. All of which are swiftly resolved by a man in a dress and panties. So, the satire and the clear mocking of the genre bring the score up, but the overall generic-ness bring it down.


Animation: Slick, smooth, bright, not bad. But not brilliant, either.


Sound: I think I listened to the opening song every time I watched it. I really liked it, and it captured the feel of the show very well. The backing music for fights and emotional sequences was well placed and worked well, but was never too much. The outro wasn't brilliant, but it wasn't awful.


Characters: Again, their genericness brings them down, but I understand why they were like that. They were deliberately created as generic stereotypes. It's like the creators sat down and said, "How can we make a female character perfect for fanservice but still be awesome to watch in action?" "I know, a vampire ninja with huge tits!". Sera made me laugh a lot. Ayumu was a pretty likeable hero; he messed up, but he was very loyal and his fantasies about Yuu were creepy but still funny. Haruna annoyed me with her uselessness. Yuu was awesome - she can't speak because using her voice would uleash awesome power and blow shit up or something. That's awesome. Tomonori was a character that could easily have been written out, and was only really there to give backstory to Sera and create a maybe-love triangle with Ayumu. Some characters were good, some were passable.


Overall: I confess I was a little sad when the series ended. It was very funny, and I found myself laughing in despite of the generic-ness of the entire show.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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