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Fruits Basket

May 3, 2011

What can I say? Lame. If you like cliched shoujo anime with hints of beastiality, the go for this. The scariest thing is that I know a guy who likes this show...

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2/10 overall
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airbornefilip Jul 10, 2012

At least watch whole anime or at least half of it before writing review :| Respect you opinion but why to spend time on this kind of review?

P.S. Am I scary now coz I like this anime?

crypticdarkness Apr 17, 2012

If the anime is not for you should check out the manga which goes in a completely differant route less transformations since it seems to bother you.

Metaflux Feb 13, 2012

Huh? Bestiality? That thought never crossed my mind while watching this series until you just brought it up. The one thing that did irritate me was Tohru's over-niceness to the people around her. This behavior ultimately portrays Tohru as a weak individual, but what I also noticed it was a trait injected into her character to add realism. I believe her hyper-sensitive nature was a way Tohru dealt with her mother's death. Even though she may have been naturally nice, I also believe her character was afraid to become a nuisance to the people around her and left alone.

Maybe I'm looking too much into it, but after finishing the series that was the conclusion I came up with. Really when you think about it, the idea of a teenager losing their parents is plausible, tragic, and an overlooked occurrence. As with any Anime, most of the main characters in Fruits Basket develop as the story progresses and Tohru addresses some her issues along with Yuki and Kyo.

aimelovez14 Aug 7, 2011

Awww it makes me sad you don't like it. I think it's such a wonderful anime. :[ Oh well, I guess it's not for everyone. :/

Chelsae May 5, 2011

I don't think you gave Fruits Basket a fair chance, once you get further into the storyline you realise how incredibly moving it really is. I think to write a review on an anime like this, you really do need to watch more of it.

And it is scary when you find guys that like shows like this, I found one just last week, but there you go; it can be loved by everyone.  :)