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Since I stalled on about episode 8, I didn't get a full view of the story, although what I saw up to episode 8 made largely little or no sense. Mostly it seemed to involve giant mecha battles and Lelouch doing an evil laugh or Suzaku being a naive moron or Pizza Hut in every other shot. I kind of got Lelouch's motives, but his philosophy of 'the ends justify the means' seem to backfire quite a lot considering the death toll. I am by no means a mecha fan. Giant robots generically annoy me because of the fact they are giant robots. Also, the filler was annoying. And there was enough of it to be annoying. I really, really hate filler, and I counted any unnecessary hanging around school in mini skirts to be unnecessary filler. It did not improve the storyline in any way, and was basically an excuse to slide in some busty girls for fan service. Not super impressed by the story, although I have heard the ending is good. Provided I can force myself to knuckle down for all the episodes. Although I did let a brief cackle escape me when they started shouting 'All Hail Britannia!'.



The action is smooth, the mecha battles are pretty enough to keep me from turning the show off (at least until episode 9) and the character designs are okay. Generic, but okay. I mean, how many more busty girls, pastel coloured bad guys and bishies do we need? Apparently, a show full of them. It didn't use light and shading in the same brilliant way as Death Note - but what does?



Absolutely forgettable. I couldn't hum you the opening theme or the ending theme if you paid me. I wasn't really paying close enough attention to care about the background music. The voice acting for Lelouch was good, and all the characters shouting 'All Hail Britannia!' made my inner patriot do an evil laugh. Sound was dull.



Knocking all the unnecessary kawaii/moe girls aside, some of the characters were kind of cool. Lelouch was my favourite, mostly because he wasn't afraid to evil laugh in every other shot, usually while piloting a giant robot thing. Although donning a ridiculous black cape thing and a motorbike helmet was kind of annoying, the most infuriating thing about him was his pseudonym, Zero. How many times will I hear that name in anime? I swear animators across Japan got together and decided to name at least 5 characters a year Zero in any context. It's just annoying. Although Lelouch's morals were kind of questionable, I got where he was coming from...most of the time. Suzaku was a moron. A blind guy could see that the whole changing Britannia from inside will obviously not work, and working for the bad guy only gets you annoying. Naitvity is not a desirable character trait in my male heroes. Euphemia was annoying until she went psycho and gunned down people before being shot by Lelouch. That was her only cool moment. Everyone else was kind of lame.



I can't say Code Geass is all that special. It was exciting, but the plot moved far too fast. As soon as I realised an important part of the plot had just happened, a new important plot point was being explained, and then another, and it just kind of made me lose interest when I no longer knew what the hell was going on.

6/10 story
9/10 animation
6/10 sound
9/10 characters
7/10 overall
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