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I rather liked Yami no Matsuei. It's an older anime, so the animation and character designs look kind of weird compared to more modern things, but it's still worth watching once you get over the late 1990's feel. However, the artwork for the end credits is pretty. The anime is split into 4 story arcs, and all of them (I think) revolve around a couple of shinigami and a really annoying bird thing chasing after this evil doctor guy in white.


Apparently, one of the selling points of Yami no Matsuei is the shounen-ai subplot - wait, there was a shounen-ai subplot? There were pretty much three identifiable shounen-ai points, and even those were a bit vague. The first was Hisoka's backstory, in which Muraki-sensei raped and murdered him, of which you get about one not very graphic shot of him naked from behind being raped. It seemed a little bit thrown in, and maybe even a little unnecessary. The second was Muraki-sensei hitting on Tsuzuki at every (and I mean EVERY) possible opportunity, literally. I'm sure he'd be a lot smarter if he actually used the brain power devoted to his penis in his brain instead. Then there was the chemistry between Hisoka and Tsuzuki. Although they don't get any action, it's still there.


?/10 story
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8/10 overall
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dakotasapphire Apr 30, 2011

this was a cool review... I enjoyed reading it alot.