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Highschool of the Dead

Apr 15, 2011

I absolutely loved this anime. I followed it while it aired, and stayed up very late at night to watch it (with the lights out and curtains drawn, so I could almost feel the zombie hands on my shoulders). Brilliant for gun freaks like me!



Classic survival story, Takashi, Rei, Saya, Kohta, Saeko and Shizuka the school nurse escape their highschool as it is overrun by ravenous zombies. A gloriously gory and satisfying story unfolds; they go first to Shizuka's military friend's house, where they get a lot of guns, resulting in a lot of brain splattering and head explosions (think Scanners). Saeko, the kendo champion, gets an awesome katana at some point. They then make their way to Saya's family mansion, which has been heavily fortified, and her father and mother and collective employees have survived the initial outbreak. The story ends with everyone arming themselves and preparing to face the zombie menace outside. Very, very satisfying - I never got bored of the constant action.



Very good, although for some reason the zombies often suffered exit wounds in the places of entry wounds (big splats instead of little splats).



One of the few anime with an opening theme I liked!



Classic survival archetypes:

Takashi: The main male protagonist, he is in love with Rei since she promised to marry him as a child. Initially wields a baseball bat, but progesses to a series of kick-ass guns (Smith and Wesson Model 37, Ithaca 37, Benelli M4 Super 90).

Rei: The main female protagonist and Takashi's love interest, wields a spear made from a broom then a M1A rifle with a bayonet.

Saya: The genius brat of the series, is apparently the only one with a brain for the first part of the show. Initially uses an electric drill, then moves on to a Luger P08 and MP5.

Kohta: The gun otaku of the series, trained by the US military contractor Blackwater USA. Uses a modified nail gun (awesome on toast!), AR-10, Smith and Wesson 37, MP5 and a Luger.

Saeko: My favourite character, she is extremely skilled at close combat with a bokken. She progesses to a katana, and rarely uses guns, but is given a M92 Vertec by Kohta later in the series.

Shizuka: The designated driver and medic of the show, although she appears ditzy and useless, she is a valuable member of the team because of her extensive medical knowledge.

Alice: Annoys me, some 7-year-old kid they rescue who has a dog called Zeke.



Very, very exciting and very, very good. I'd reccommend it to anyone and everyone.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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