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Melancholy of Haruhi truely what can I say about this anime. Following the story of Haruhi and the SOS brigade collectes up 14 episodes of pure fun joy and nonsense all in one series.


This is where the review kind of fails me. Don't get me wrong this series is wonderful it is how it was released. I don't really understand where they were going with this but episodes were basically released at random. At one point you may be wondering who mudered the Master of the mansion suddenly the next episode is about a baseball tournement between the SOS Brigade and other teams. Then several random episodes later you are back to the Murder at the mansion. I don't know how exactly they released this onto dvd but even trying to follow wikipedias chronological episodes was too hard for me. Although that be in the end I was able to peice the 14 episodes into order or what I thought to be and really understand and enjoy the series more. Its pretty amazing they could pull an 8.7 out of their story when releaseing it that way. There is also one more thing I can say I didn't care for much. There is one scene in one of the episodes where they show Yuki reading, flipping the pages and sound can be heard in the background but quiet and yuki just reads on and I swear this goes on for five minutes. If they would have shortended that up the story would have defently pulled a 9 out from me.



The bright fun animation that comes along with this story is just what I like. The characters are well made and the scenes are well put together. Being able to create the perfect school scene and suddenly creat a drak empty world with a crazy monster that reminds me of Neon Genesis is pretty awesome. Not too much to say except it is pretty good. I give it a solid 9/10 on the animation.



Another section I can't say a whole lot about. I personally watch dubbed in english if its out so if you don't care to hear my review on the english sound then skip this otherwise here you are.The characters voice actors overall did a great job. I felt that each of their voices fit the characters perfectly. The music seemed to go right with what was going on at the times and overall kept me interested when not much was going on. Even when the characters are just setting in their club room relaxing the music would fit in very well to make me feel at ease and just relaxed yet not bored. Once again I am gonna bring up the scene with yuki reading. I was pretty clueless to what was going on and even trying to focus my ears couldn't really get out the muffled voices in the background and was just purely bored with the scene. Once again it makes a dent in the score of the sound giveing it a 9/10 by me.



This is what I have been waiting to review. The chracters in this short 14 episode anime were supurb. I don't think much can be said bad about the chracters. My favorite being Kyon. Most animes I would be annoyed with the chracter voicing over scenes but the voice actor did a great job in the english dub and the chracter was easy to connect with and you continuelessly wanted to know what would happen next with him. His normality is what made him so great. Then each of the other chracters having ther special traites really helped to personalize them. Excpecially Haruhi who from appearence just looks like a cute High school student but with that crazy personality it really keeps you wanting more.



This anime despite the minor falws goes down in my book as one of the best animes out there. I am already planning on buying the dvd. The story is something keeping you interested. Sure if you could watch it in chronological order you might understand it more but the randomness helps to connect with Haruhi more I think. This series was just overall good. Makes me want to check out the more in depth series even if it hasn't been dubbed yet. With a 9.175 this one belongs on any anime collectors shelf enough said.

8.7/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.2/10 overall
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ElyOfIce Jun 9, 2012

Just my opinion but...I think this show needs to be watched in Japanese. The English is crappy.